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Modder releases one-handed Nintendo Switch controller adapter

Forward-looking: It certainly is good to possess more control choices for users with limited mobility, whether from console manufacturers, third-party companies, or individual modders. One modder has released attachments allowing users to play all three current game consoles with one hand.

A modder located in Japan recently released an adapter which makes all of the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con functions reachable with one hand. The attachment provides just one more accessibility choice for Nintendo Switch owners.

Although modder Akaki Kuumeri previously produced one-handed adapters for PlayStation and Xbox controllers, the Nintendo Switch version uses the Joy-Cons’ unique nature to introduce some new tricks. Kuumeri said this adapter was better to design than those for traditional controllers because he could situate the Joy-Cons in various directions.

The attachment uses connectors to create all the face buttons and the D-pad at your fingertips of 1 thumb, nonetheless it may also move some of these inputs to underneath of the controller where other fingers can reach them. Users connect the Joy-Cons in opposite directions, with one of these facing down. Based on the user’s handedness, one analog stick remains along with the controller as the other moves to underneath. Players move underneath stick by laying the controller on the lap or perhaps a flat surface and moving the complete controller. The adapter includes optional straps to fasten the Joy-Cons to the player’s hand or leg.

Players will be able to utilize the attachment with any Switch game. Kuumeri demonstrates it by playing a number of titles such as the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Kirby and the Forgotten Land, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The adapter can be acquired on Etsy at around $200 for a left-handed or right-handed model.

Since Microsoft introduced the Xbox Adaptive Controller for users with limited mobility in 2018, only modders and third-party manufacturers have followed it up, providing multiple choices for Switch owners. Former Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aim told Inverse Nintendo was creating a similar controller before he left the business, also it may be along the way.

Hori released a controller much like Microsoft’s in 2020, which works together with Switch and PC games. That same year, one parent modified Microsoft’s Adaptive Controller so his daughter could play Breath of the Wild. Earlier this June, 8BitDo released a much smaller accessibility-focused controller.

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