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Momofukus Noodle Packs Are My Ultimate Drunk (And Sober) Food

Coming home after an all-nighter could be rough. Nausea on the subway, the impulse to purchase a shrimp neck pillow at 3 a.m, the spins when attempting to fall asleepa particular date will get us into trouble. Our trusty bodega can usually be counted to satisfy those night time cravings, even though its merely to grab a Pedialyte for the morning after, but a significant night out isn’t complete with out a many tasty snacks before collapsing into bed.

Back my rookie university days, Maruchan Instant Ramen generally got the work done after participating in a vintage Thirsty Thursdaycringe. However now that Im in my own mid 20s and gainfully employed, my taste has elevated from dollar-store-grade noodles to the real thing. Chewy, delectably slippery, making use of their capability to pair well with any sauce, noodles never can you dirty. When I believe concerning the cream of the noodle crop, my mind jumps right to Momofuku Noodle Bar, particularly when I would like to indulge my ramen cravings. I dont will have the opportunity to galavant downtown to the specific shop, particularly when Ive had several way too many rum and Cokes, therefore i thanked my lucky stars when I chanced upon the Momofuku Dried Noodle Packs created by the nood kings themselves.


Noodle Variety Pack

$52 at Momofuku

Momofukus Dried Noodles are upscale packaged ramen noodles for adults. The brand partnered with A-Sha Noodles to generate these bangin meals-in-a bag smothered in its signature sauces. A-Shas Noodles are air-dried having an 18-hour drying process, which results in 25 percent fewer calories than most instant noodles, no cholesterol, and 11 grams of protein per portion. The entire cook time is four minutes, that is necessary when youre drunk and starving. Just boil, drain, and toss in the sauce, then blow a *chefs kissonce done.

I absolutely stan noodles in every forms, shapes, and sizes, and Im an enormous fan of Momofukus other products like its Chili Crunch, seasoned salts, and soy sauce; so there is no doubt in my own mind that I’d love these. The noodle packs can be found in three flavors: Soy and Scallion, Spicy Soy, and Tingly Chiliall which sounded amazing, but, before trying them, I didnt think they might taste significantly unique of another instant noodles Ive had in my own 26 years of life. I was dead wrong.

These noodles slap. Savory, salty, spicy, with some sweet, each goes far beyond hitting the location, and my tastebuds were truly dazzled. Now, my go-to may be the Spicy Soy, which includes the ideal level of kick (though, admittedly, Im a baby with regards to spice). If youre a genuine heat-onist, it is possible to mix in Sriracha, chile peppers, or the brands Chili Crunch to amp up heat. The included sauce, that is delicious, can be very rich, so if youre watching your salt intake or want a lighter bowl, use half the sauce packet and put in a little water for a far more brothy situation. You wont be disappointed.

The Tingly Chili flavor is comparable to Spicy Soy, but with Sichuan spice and chili paste blended directly into add that *tongue-numbingfactor. Dont expect any hair taking a stand on your own chest, nonetheless it does have a good zing, and the noodles are ~wavy~. Soy and Scallion may be the sweeter sibling, using its perfect balance of soy sauce and sesame oil. Throw a poached egg on all of the flavors to raise the dish further, and add that extra protein may also help you absorb that other sort of sauce (these rum and Cokes).

With an ideal five-star rating and a huge selection of reviews, the noodles are clearly popular with all hungry, hungover gourmands. One reviewer on Momofukus website described the knowledge of eating the noodles with a straightforward: Oh heck yeah! And added: This type of great texture for the noodles. They cook up perfectly and the flavor packets are perfect. Couldnt agree more.

TL;DR: I really like a good plate of noodles, particularly when I barely need to exert any energy to procure them. They are quick, tasty, feel fancy, help me from drunken nights, and result from the trusted minds at Momofuku. You cant get much better than that whenever it involves a four-minute meal. Toss your dollar store ramen in the trash, folks; its time and energy to level up your hangover food game game.

Momofuku Dried Noodle Packs are for sale to purchase at Momofukus web store.

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