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Mondelez squashes Salmonella rumors

Mondelez has provided assurances that none of its products contain Salmonella in reaction to several media reports.

Recent articles suggested a shortage in way to obtain some brands was because of Salmonella in products or factories owned by the business. Mondelez said operations at some plants have been disrupted but this is due to audits and cleaning and disinfection work.

A Mondelez statement said safety of products and consumers health is definitely the best priority.

As a precautionary measure, the business made a decision to temporarily stop the production of some products; this can limit the option of a few of its biscuits brands in France. Mondelez International ensures confidently that its biscuits available on the market are safe, usually do not contain Salmonella and don’t raise any food safety concerns, based on the statement.

Knock on effect

Mondelez was one of the companies impacted when Barry Callebaut stopped production in late June at one site in Belgium after Salmonella was detected. Salmonella Tennessee was within a batch of lecithin from the supplier in Hungary and in the lecithin system of the factory. However, no affected products entered the retail supply chain. The Weize plant restarted in early August, and a gradual ramp-up to full capacity is ongoing.

Following alert distributed by among our suppliers who identified Salmonella in another of its main production site last June, we’ve had to limit the availability waiting for you of several ranges of biscuits mainly Mikado, Petit Ecolier, Granola, Ppito and Pims, based on the companys statement.

We immediately conducted an audit of the Mondelez International production sites suffering from the chocolate mass supplied by among our suppliers, and on a strictly preventive level, temporarily stopped the lines and deliveries to your customers by the end of June.

On July 1, we could actually confirm, after having implemented all of the necessary internal controls and traceability measures, thatall Mondelez products available on the market are safe, without the trace of Salmonella and for that reason without the risk for food safety.

Hygiene-related work continues to be ongoing at one factory in France, said Mondelez.

The Cestas plant in Gironde continues to be undergoing an intensive cleaning and disinfection of its production lines, as a precautionary measure, to ensure the full total safety of our cookies. This technical and complex operation takes weeks.

We have been likely to resume production within the next couple of weeks, with the return of deliveries to all or any our customers to guarantee the availability to get of the concerned references. Our first priority is usually to deliver to your customers also to offer our consumers safe products of optimum quality standards.

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