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MonsterLabo updates The Beast fanless PC tower case

MonsterLabo has launched an updated version of its signature case, The Beast. bit-tech reported on a quite recent iteration of The Beast, back in March, when it had been kitted out having an AMD Ryzen 3800X and an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 and demonstrated running the demanding Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. With passive cooling only, playing the overall game at 1440p on an UW display, the weighty system kept the CPU at a well balanced 75C, and GPU at a well balanced 65C.

Now MonsterLabo has launched an “updated design,” that is thought to accommodate a protracted selection of graphics cards, and offers further Indiegogo exclusive customisation options, in addition to pre-built machines. Similar to the previous version of The Beast, the brand new model depends on THE CENTER (actually, now it’s the Heart2) because of its passive magic. This passive cooling mass occupies about 50 % of the chassis space and is split between a front section and a back, – one manages the CPU, another the GPU.

I’ve checked the specs of THE CENTER2, also it is apparently the same when it comes to subcomponents and cooling capabilities, so am uncertain of the changes that earn it the next gen designation. Specs are available below:

  • 2x giant heatsinks (3 kg each) passively cooling the electronics,
  • 20x 6mm heat pipes, 10x for every chip. Hell yeah, we realize, pretty good for a PC!
  • 6x copper thermal drains connecting the heatsinks to the 6mm width aluminium front and back panels for enhanced thermal spreading.

I believe one of the most recent improvements sent to The Beast may be the collaboration with EKWB on the heatspreaders; for memory, and for GPUs with TDP>220W.

Optimum Tech recently built something in line with the latest version of The Beast, fitting an Intel i9-10900K (for challenging) running at 89C at 4.5GHz and 1.13V on all 10 cores, as the RTX 3080 GPU was tweaked in Afterburner to perform at a well balanced sub 80C under load, with hook undervolt (with a 150-200Mhz base clock reduction).

To help keep the build fully silent, Optimum Tech used a SilverStone NightJar PSU. He also recommends a motherboard having an ‘overspecced VRM’ section, with decent heatsinks on heat generating components just like the VRMs.

Among the new areas of this Indiegogo campaign may be the offering of custom colour finishes. Once you choose to back the project, it is possible to choose an add-on for a custom colour. “We shall care for the painting,” in this crowdfunding exclusive service, says MonsterLabo. Furthermore, it really is adding the choice of custom logo engraving, as well as the standard unit number & serial number engravings you will notice round the back.

The Beast pre-built models from 2,850

Finally, heading down the added services route, MonsterLabo has some pre-built options (beginning with 2,850), or will do assembly for you personally from supplied components with some “fanless optimization,” applied by their tech folk.

It is possible to back The Beast and really should expect to get a chassis by Christmas (1 left during writing) for 790. In the event that you miss that, another batch is targeting an Easter release (shipping April 2022) with 197 remaining. Additionally, you will have to await Easter until ‘The Beast Brass Edition’ ships, I am hoping it generally does not tarnish.

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