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More Fake Ledger Emails Doing the Rounds

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  • Another fake Ledger email does the rounds
  • That one advises users to upgrade their software as quickly as possible and provides a web link
  • Ledger customers have already been seeing regular emails since Ledgers customer database was leaked in 2020

Another round of fake Ledger emails has began to do the rounds, with the most recent being another try to get affected users to download a compromised version of the hardware wallets software, Ledger Live. Such attacks had dwindled lately, nonetheless it seems that attackers still believe that, getting on for just two years because the personal stats of over 290,000 customers were leaked online, you may still find some on the market who may be susceptible.

300,000 Customer Details Leaked

Ledgers woes with this matter date back again to May 2020 when it suffered the initial of several security breaches which saw hackers obtain customer details from a huge selection of Shopify clients, including Ledger and Trezor. Ledger denied the leak, reducing it to rumors spreading and said that the info from the hack didnt match their very own records.

This, however, was just the beginning, and some leaks that year ended with the names, addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers of almost 300,000 customers leaked online. Those people have since been peppered with emails, texts and also letters using various solutions to try to get affected users at hand on the contents of these crypto wallets.

Fake Live Ledger Update is Latest Attempt

The most recent, which arrived this week, is another try to get Ledger users to update Ledger Live, the program utilized by the wallets, with a fraudulent version which will steal any funds you have on the wallet:


We are able to tell it is a fake for several reasons:

  • The topic, [emailprotected], is nothing beats what you will find on the official email about security
  • The e-mail originates from [emailprotected], that is clearly nothing in connection with Ledger
  • The e-mail contains a connect to a Ledger Live update, whereas genuine emails from Ledger request you to update within the app itself for security reasons and can never give a link to a person download
  • The e-mail includes a ticket number, despite users devoid of created a ticket on the problem, that they wouldnt did anyway should they didnt find out about the upgrade
  • The e-mail urges users to do this now to keep up the security of one’s assets, that is a common scammer tactic

As usual, just spam it or delete it and have a few moments to curse Ledger once more for not taking your individual safety seriously.

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