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More methods to recharge EVs and their drivers

More methods to recharge EVs and their drivers

Ikea and Electrify America

Electric vehicle owners are embracing retail chains to play the role gasoline stations have long fulfilled for drivers a location to recharge the automobile and your body.

Both Starbucks and Ikea recently announced handles charging networks to set up banks of chargers. They’re seeking to attract customers who need something to accomplish while their vehicles recharge.

“Get yourself a little coffee, go out, pay attention to music,” said Gary Silberg, KPMG’s global automotive sector leader. “When you can charge your vehicle simultaneously, you will want to?”

Tesla pioneered the trend by locating a lot of its proprietary Supercharger network near chain restaurants and retail centers. But as the amount of EV owners from other brands grows, drivers are searching for charging stations that use their vehicles.

Charging infrastructure has become the significant issues facing the burgeoning EV sector, a set of studies from J.D. Power and CDK Global Inc. recently found. Not merely are charging stations difficult to find, many have slow charging speeds or are broken.

The CDK study discovered that 60 percent of respondents reported concerns about charging network availability as an obstacle to purchasing an EV. J.D. Power discovered that 20 percent of EV owner respondents couldn’t charge their vehicle when visiting a station due to the fact of malfunctioning chargers.

Drew Goretzka

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A reckoning has followed the EV SPAC craze. Investors looked beyond the safeguards that could have ensured they knew what these were buying.

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