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Most Americans View Pro-Life Crisis Pregnancy Centers Favorably

A fresh survey discovered that most Americans have a good view of pro-life crisis pregnancy centers.

A CRC Research poll from earlier this month implies that 74 percent of Americans support the general public funding of pro-life pregnancy centers after studying the services offered by the facilities, The Christian Post reports.

About 42 percent of the 1,600 voters surveyed said they “strongly support” public funding, and about 32 percent said they “somewhat support” the usage of public dollars to invest in pro-life pregnancy centers.

About 14 percent said these were against using public dollars, with 8 percent “strongly against” and 6 percent “somewhat against.”

Among Republicans, 78 percent said they agreed with the thought of federal funding for the centers, while 72 percent of Independents said exactly the same. About 73 percent of Democrats also agreed.

The survey informed respondents that pregnancy resource centers “provide resources for women that are pregnant in need, including prenatal care, clothing, diapers, [and] housing assistance,” “empower women to select life because of their child during pregnancy and after delivery,” “allow women to attain their goals and keep their baby” and “allow women facing unexpected pregnancies to help keep their baby and present them the various tools to have success and independence.”

The poll also asked whether voters supported prosecuting those in charge of vandalizing pro-life pregnancy centers and churches.

About 80 percent of respondents agreed they ought to be prosecuted, and just 12 percent disagreed.

Eighty percent of respondents also agreed that “elected officials should publicly denounce this behavior and demand those participating in it to be taken to justice.”

Also, in recent news regarding pregnancy centers, Axios announced this week that the directory service Yelp will add disclaimers to pro-life pregnancy center listings, noting “that crisis pregnancy centers typically provide limited medical services and could not need licensed doctors onsite.”

Photo courtesy: Benyamin Bohlouli/Unsplash

Amanda Casanova is really a writer surviving in Dallas, Texas. She’s covered news for since 2014. She’s also contributed to The Houston Chronicle, U.S. News and World Report and She blogs at The Migraine Runner.

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