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Mr. Papers Calls Out 50 Cent For Speaking On His Daughters Eye & Says Lil Kims Verse On THE PROGRAM B Remix Was About Him

Lil Kim hopped on the remix for Megan Thee Stallions record Plan B, also it definitely caused some drama on social media marketing.

As previously reported, Kim called out 50 Cent after he spoke about her daughter Royal Reign. 50 accused the Queen Bee of talking about Nicki Minajs son in her verse on the record, and told Nicki to light her aup.

Kim quickly allow it be known that she’d never discuss anyones child, and managed to get clear that she was talking about an ex in her verse. She also allow it known she had not been here for 50 Cent speaking badly about her 8-year-old daughter.

On Friday, Mr. Papers, Royal Reigns father, called 50 out in his Instagram story and said, Keep my daughter out ya Internet comedy.

After he shared some words about Kim, claiming he was the ex that she have been discussing in her verse on the remix.

He said, Shorty made a complete song about me and YouTube took it down. God dont like ugly ma. Plan what?

He also shared a screenshot of a note he received from Rolling Ray about his message to 50 Cent, basically telling him to accomplish better, and shrink, because its not comedy when 50 is speaking on his child.

50 Cent have not taken care of immediately Lil Kim or Mr. Papers right now.

Have a look at a snippet of Lil Kims verse on the program B remix below:

TSR STAFF: Jade Ashley @Jade_Ashley94

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