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MSNBC’s Joy Reid Makes Another Asinine Comparison Concerning the Overturning of Roe v. Wade

MSNBCs Joy Reid is back with another asinine comparison. On her behalf show The Reid Out, Reid claimed that hawaii now owns pregnant womens bodies, linking it to slavery.

She began her show by talking about the Kansas election, saying that hawaii voted to help keep abortion rights being an F-U to the pro-life movement. She said:

But on Tuesday, Kansas had its message to send, delivering a sensational FU to the rights shock and awe campaign against bodily autonomy. It had been testament to desire to have abortion rights in this country in another of Americas reddest states with even rubier red pockets, rural, conservative, MAGA, where voters resoundingly rejected a ballot measure that could have allowed lawmakers to ban abortion in hawaii.

She continued:

In much clearer terms the proper to an abortion will stay in the Kansas constitution, circumstances constitution, incidentally, that in its original form was built on opposition to slavery.

Reid doubled down as she continued to compare overturning Roe v. Wade to slaveryclaiminged that Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito said hawaii owns a pregnant womans body.

I believe its actually poetic that it just happened in Kansas. Because this can be a declare that wrestled with the question of who owns people. It wrestled with the question of slavery, which question is really a question of who owns you, who owns the body. And what Alito said is, a state owns the body. The minute you feel pregnant a state owns the body as well as your state can let you know how to proceed with it. Sorry, no luck. You dont own yourself.

Needless to say, Reid dove into religion aswell, as she tried to link Christians and Christianity in her comparison.

The arrogance of him and the arrogance of basically thinking its funny and in addition trying to help with this idea that country is really a land of religious persecution against Christians, that Christians are increasingly being persecuted due to the fact women have the proper to decide how to proceed with this own bodies.

This is simply not the 1st time Reid has made a claim about Christianity.

Joy Reid says the appropriate term for conservative, evangelical Christianity is “Talibanism,” saying it “scares me” that the American right believes “that is our sect and you may live by our sect whether you intend to be part of it or not.”

Curtis Houck (@CurtisHouck) September 4, 2021

The Catholics for Choice President, Jaime Manson, was a guest on her behalf show, and agreed with Reids viewpoint of when she claimed Republicans want a White Christian autocracy. Manson claimed:

They need abortion to stay legal but, you understand, the struggle for a number of religious is that abortion isn’t only supported, abortion access, but its required, especially particularly by Jews and Muslims, so it’s an infringement on the religious freedom and what we see can be an incredible overreach by way of a White Christian nationalist movement attempting to eliminate basic rights claiming they are the people under siege, and thats really where its painful. This is one way they build power.

As MSNBC continues its attack on Christianity and Christians, particularly on Joy Reids show, they dont want their viewpoints to be challenged or questioned. It just would go to show that the mainstream media will minimize at nothing showing their religious bigotry, and keep making their outrageous comparisons just like the Roe v. Wade and slavery comparison, without wanting anybody to challenge their claims. That’s one of the numerous reasons why a lot of people are tuning out Joy Reid among others much like her.

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