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Music Legend Diane Warren Said She Didnt Mean To Shade Beyonc After Questioning JUST HOW MANY People IT REQUIRES TO CREATE A Song

Though Warren has preferred to work alone on her behalf songs like “I Don’t Desire to Miss something,” “Un-Break My Heart,” and “EASILY Could REVERSE Time,” she wasn’t bluffing when she said she admires Beyonc being an artist. Just a few days ago, Warren tweeted that “I Was Here,” which she wrote and Beyonc released in 2011, was among her favorites.

In 2021, Warren told Rolling Stone what it had been like dealing with Beyonc on that song. Once Beyonc heard it, she immediately went in to the studio to record it, and Warren said she thought it sounded perfect. But Beyonc wished to record it again to create it better still.

“And thats an improvement, incidentally, between an excellent artist and a not-great artist,” Warren told Rolling Stone. “After all, thats why shes gonna be around forever.

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