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Music Man Turned Mystery Author, Ronald D. Demmans Debuts First Novel

Nashville, TN — (ReleaseWire) — 07/08/2022 –“a crackerjack read, very satisfying as a novel using its exciting twists and turns, yet simultaneously insightful and funny” Eric Wilson, Writer of Murder on the Canadian

Author Ronald D. Demmans makes his debut in to the thriller, mystery scene with Eminent Domain: A Brett Simmons Novel published by Indigo River Publishing.

Follow Brett Simmons, the brash, wise-cracking, unapologetic lawyer stumbling right into a mystery in Lenore, the hometown he loves. Two innocuous words of legalese will lead Brett down a dangerous path of lies, deceit and ultimately murder. He’s got seen an excessive amount of and what he’s got uncovered may cost him everything: his career, his freedom, even his life. With the chances clearly stacked against him and the continuing future of Lenore on the line, Brett partcipates in a struggle with Warren Winfield, Lenore’s corrupt mayor and a ruthless international criminal cartel.

Alone, Brett stands little potential for winning. But he could be not by yourself in his fight. He finds himself partnered with Melanie Stockton, a lovely, tough-as-nails cop. The rapport is instantaneous; the attraction, unexpected. With Brett going undercover and Melanie forced to confront a well-armed band of mercenaries, whatever feelings they will have for every other should be placed on holdand the waiting usually takes forever.

Writer of the Grant Fletcher thriller series, John Ryder says Eminent Domain “is shot through with wry humor and small-town politics which will make for an engaging read.”

Demmans is really a first-time author but includes a rich background including a lifetime career in the music industry as a publisher and musician. He found unexpected inspiration which has led him publishing his debut novel. “It started as a news article which spawned a concept,” Demmans says. “With a dash of plotting and a pinch of seat-of-the-pants creative writing, Eminent Domain emerged. I am hoping readers enjoy Brett Simmons’ storyand only he is able to tell it.”

Ronald D. Demmans’ debut novel Eminent Domain can be acquired now on Amazon and major book retailers.

About Ronald D. Demmans

Storyteller Ronald D. Demmans (his friends call him Ron) is really a half-Brit boomer, ex-pat Canadian surviving in Franklin, Tennessee. He could be a graduate of McMaster University with a B.A. ever sold and English. In his many previous lives he’s got been a singer, songwriter, guitarist, road musician, air travel attendant, music publisher and sales manager. He’s also a husband and father of two sons. When he’s not writing novels, penning songs or recording in his studio, you will discover him in the fitness center refereeing basketball or on the diamond umpiring baseball. And something more thing, he could be a voracious reader of John le Carre, John Grisham, P.D. James, Scott Turow, Nelson DeMille, W.E.B. Griffin, Jack Higgins and many more.

About Indigo River Publishing

We have been today’s, cooperative book publisher. Founded in 2012, Indigo has published a huge selection of books and partners with authors to make sure that everyone includes a seat at the table. Indigo River Publishing offers expertise where it is important and partnership in decision-making where it’s meaningful. Indigo River Publishing is proudly written by Simon & Schuster. This partnership has helped Indigo soar to new heights by expanding distribution to over 38,000 retailers nationally and internationally.

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