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Mutant Musks NFT: Your Ticket to an Elon Musk-Inspired Shooter Game IS HERE NOW!

If youre into shooter games, space battles, and NFTs, then Mutant Musks may be the perfect project for you personally. Inspired by Elon Musks mission to colonize Mars, this collection opens the entranceway to a distinctive NFT-powered gaming experience.

The debut NFT collection will drop on July 30th at 19: 00 UTC. With so short amount of time left, lets learn about it!

Image of two Mutant Musks NFTs
The 10,000 Mutant Musks NFTs inspired by Elon Musk himself will be ready to dominate the blockchain.

What exactly are Mutant Musks?

Essentially, Mutant Musks is really a assortment of 10,000 NFTs living on Ethereum. The cartoon-style avatars are inspired by the one and only Elon Musk and his lifelong goal: planing a trip to Mars.

Actually, the storyline begins with Elon Musk (the protagonist) going on an area mission to Mars. Things take an urgent turn when Musk leaves traces of his DNA on the red planet. Quickly enough, a fresh race of mutants was created all like the iconic billionaires genes.

Now, an individual question remains: are these mutant NFTs on Elons side or not?

Thats once you part of.

Each Mutant Musks NFT holder may use their avatar as a character in the projects Intergalactic Competitive Shooter game. Therefore, the initial PFP avatars have great design and Metaverse utility.

The 10K Mutant Musks NFTs will drop on July 30th at 19: 00 UTC on the projects website. Surprisingly, their minting price will undoubtedly be 0.1 ETH per piece with a maximum mint quantity of 2 NFTs!

When you ready your digital wallet, lets discover more about the innovative Intergalactic Competitive Shooter game.

image of the Mutant Musks NFT collection
The avatar-style collectibles can change into 3D game characters in the projects upcoming Metaverse experience!

So how exactly does the Intergalactic Competitive Shooter game work?

This complex shooter game supplies a virtual outer-worldly journey for players all powered by NFTs. There, the Mutant Musks characters explore the colonies built by humans on Mars. The realistic 3D design creates an immersive experience which includes shooting, collecting, and discovering in-game items.

Surprisingly, the blockchain game originates from a team of professional developers. The overall game is made on Unreal Engine 5 among the top game development platforms.

Moreover, that is just portion of the Mutant Musks ambitious roadmap, so lets take a look.

Mutant Musks NFT
The project roadmap includes game development, merch, giveaways, and much more.

What does the project roadmap include?

Following a mint on July 30th, the Mutant Musks team will launch the VR Metaverse demo. By October, NFT holders will love official Merch and a surprise giveaway!

The final quarter of the entire year should come with mint passes for future years Mutant Musks NFT collections. Furthermore, community members can attend exclusive virtual events.

Finally, the Intergalactic Competitive Shooter game will launch in 2023. The release may also bring the projects official token along with other exciting features.

Probably the most exciting part? The project founders already are working on all the above! Actually, it is possible to already browse the first stages of the overall game on the projects Twitter account.

Overall, Mutant Musks is really a unique NFT project with long-term value and Metaverse utility. Remember: the 10K digital assets drop on July 30th at 19: 00 UTC on the projects website!

Meanwhile, it is possible to follow their verified Twitter take into account exclusive updates and join the +80k members of these Discord server!

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As always, make your personal research before making any type of investment.

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