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My Ex-Husband Has Turned My Children Against MeWhat MUST I Do?

Dear Newsweek,

I’ve a continuing dilemma with my oldest child. I did so not raise my kids. Trust me, easily knew when I left my abusive husband he would get custody of my kids I’d have let him go on and kill me. It’s hard to state that. But this man explained I’d never see our kids easily left.

Unfortunately, we reside in a global where he previously money and I didn’t. I finished up homeless for 6 years surviving in and out of shelters. I was likely to have visitations almost every other weekend. Well, that didn’t happen. Long story short my oldest child was always manipulating the problem through the divorce, despite only being 10 yrs . old. She was very disrespectful, and always appears to get her way. Anytime I’ve tried to attain out to the child of mine, I get ridiculed and talk right down to. Once, I was known as just an egg donor. This child and her companion have constantly trolled me on Facebook, and I’ve had to block my very own child on social media marketing.

I haven’t, however, blocked my other two children on Facebook, hoping that they’ll touch base someday. I wish I possibly could have a confident mother and daughter relationship with my eldest but I don’t think it’ll ever happen. She’s found her dad’s narcissistic ways and I do believe she’s bipolar tendencies.

difficult teenager
Difficult teenager. Stock Image. A female has asked for help managing the behavior of her teenage daughter who lives with her ex-husband.Getty Images

I work in behavioral health incidentally, so I can easily see the patterns in her behavior. She thinks she can walk around everybody. The newest incident happened when she discovered I was friends with somebody in a bar, and she grabbed his phone and wouldn’t normally give it back. She found my contact number on his phone and called and started calling me names like fat a*s.

I’m constantly being accused of things I haven’t done and insulted by my daughter with exactly the same insults my ex-husband used to utilize. Meanwhile, this child encircles telling individuals who you can find warrants out for my arrest and that I needed to leave her siblings out in the woods therefore the coyotes would eat them.

She’ll head to every length to stalk me on Facebook, and I really believe she’s called might work maybe once or twice. At this time, I’m uncertain how to proceed.

I have already been told by several individuals who should they know me, she’ll not need anything regarding them. I’ve tried to attain out to my other children so often, but she intervenes every time.

All I ever wanted was to truly have a family, and my entire life has been only a nightmare. I’m within my wit’s end with this particular child and I’ve no other but to leave from her completely. If she found me now, I don’t believe I would have the ability to trust her, there is nothing to create on. I don’t think we are able to ever have a relationship. I could only hope that my other two children should come around 1 day.

Kate, Indiana

Your Daughters Abusive Behavior CAN BE AN Attempt At Communication

Wesley Du is really a marriage and family therapist located in LA.

Hello Kate,

It is a really tough situation and I’m deeply sorry. The main topics divorce and how that affects both children and parents is an extremely sensitive issue as everyone has their very own outlook predicated on their very personal perspective. Having said that, I wish to talk with you sensitively, honestly, and directly. Additionally, I could only talk with what little I understand about your household so please go on it with a grain of salt.

You’re right that children grab the tendencies of these parents (for better or worse). With that said, among the hardest reasons for having being truly a parent is considering one’s self in the mirror to observe how they could have already been responsible for the problems accessible. Children act out if they aren’t being heard or seen, or since they don’t have the ability or perhaps a safe space to seriously express their pain or frustration.

Your son or daughter is communicating with you in the only path she knows how right now. I’m so sorry that you will be being hurt by her actions, but underneath her rude behavior is plenty of pain that she doesn’t feel safe speaking with you about. Underneath her disrespectful tendencies, is an extremely wounded child who probably feels as though she’s lost her mother for some reason.

Children are honest. And when you’re ready to hear your son or daughter discuss her grievances, there may be a chance that the partnership could possibly be salvaged. Your son or daughter is reacting to the pain she actually is suffering from so when a parent, it is important to recognize that and lead with your personal vulnerability. I imagine you’re hurting aswell and I am hoping it is possible to express that to your son or daughter too.

I am hoping this can help and again…. I could only talk with what little I understand of your household situation. Wishing you merely the best. I could observe how much you intend to be considered a good mother to your children.


Peter Lobl is really a Clinical Psychologist focusing on relationship problems with adults and couples, with an exclusive practice in NEW YORK.

Hello Kate,

I read your piece, so when you wrote, just what a nightmare! Perhaps however, submitting your story to the column reflects some hope, however small, that things could easily get better. For my part, I am hoping you will discover what I write below helpful.

Children can’t always realize why adults do what they do, and have a problem with expressing sadness sufficient reason for recognizing their very own emotional pain. So instead, they sometimes use anger to handle difficult feelings.

Which may be happening together with your daughter: her mocking and insulting may express the anger she feels about your leaving. It could be her method of dealing with feeling abandoned and rejected. She doesn’t know very well what you had to accomplish to survive. She just knows that you left, and she actually is very angry about this.

By “walking away” I suppose you mean emotionally walking away and cutting off connection with her. I’d delay this type of final decision at this time. It is advisable to focus instead on which it is possible to control in your contacts with her.

emotional woman
An emotional situation. Stock Image. The reader thinks she may need to “leave” from her children. Getty Images

When she says or does a thing that emotionally triggers you, don’t say or do anything before emotional pain within you subsides. It is advisable to adopt this as your default response. But imagine if you decide to pursue or say something in response?

Consider carefully everything you will do or say. Keep it short, sweet and true to who you’re. Avoid lengthy explanations and commentary. That’s just confusing to children, plus they then often skip the main point. Avoid blaming your ex-husband even though he is at fault. Your daughter will not be in a position to hear the reality in it; she’ll just hear it being an effort to deflect responsibility. Your peace offering also needs to leave you feeling good about yourself also it should leave your daughter wondering if there’s more for you than she realized. To achieve that, your peace offering must include empathy.

Together with your daughter, this peace offering might go something similar to this: “when I heard you thought I needed to leave you out in the woods to be eaten by coyotes, I heard that you are feeling I abandoned you, rejected you and left you defenseless. I’m so sorry you are feeling this way. I never designed to hurt you. You’re my daughter, and I really like you, and I am hoping that certain day you’ll i want to explain why I did so what I did so.” Something similar to that.

Lastly, understand that no-one can predict the near future. And if that is true, then who is able to say that you will not 1 day have the type of relationship you need together with your children?

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