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Mystikal Formally Pleads NOT LIABLE To First-Degree Rape, False Imprisonment AND MUCH MORE Charges Following July Arrest

The mounting legalities surrounding Mystikal just took another turn, because the rapper officially entered a plea regarding his previous July arrest for rape. During his arraignment hearing earlier today in Louisiana, Mystikal formally pled not liable to charges of first-degree rape, false imprisonment, domestic abuse and much more.

@RollingStone reports, after entering his not liable plea, Joel Pearce, attorney for Mystikal, doubled down on his insistence that his client is innocent while questioning a few of the charges against him, including charges of theft and drug-related offenses. My client doesnt even do drugs, so he’s got zero idea what these were discussing,Pearce said in a short interview following a court proceedings.

Once we previously reported, Mystikal was arrested back July following a woman claimed he sexually assaulted her and held her against her will. Following his arrest, Mystikal was charged with first-degree rape (which carries a computerized life sentence,) criminal harm to property, false imprisonment, domestic abuse, battery by strangulation, simple robbery, and multiple drug-related offenses.

Mystikal happens to be being held at the Ascension Parish Prison where he’s got been since his arrest and he’ll remain there, as he’s got not been granted bail. Previously, attorney Pearce said after his clients indictment, Its an indictment. This means nothing. We anticipate our day in court.

Youll recall that may be the third sexual assault case involving Mystikal, along with his latest one occurring back 2017 that carried first-degree rape and second-degree kidnapping charges.

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