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NASA shares new intend to return Mars rock samples to Earth

NASA previously shared an idea to send a rover to Mars to come back Mars rock samples to Earth. The area agency has proposed a fresh plan that will use Perseverance to provide the samples to a spacecraft for the return trip.

NASAs intend to return Mars rock samples to Earth has changed

mars rover
NASAs Perseverance rover will carry the samples to the brand new lander. Image source: NASA

The program that NASA originally proposed to create Mars rock samples back again to Earth relied on the European Space Agencys Sample Fetch Rover. The area agencies actually shared a possible concept for the rover, which may arrive on Mars and deliver the samples to a rocket. That rocket would then deliver the samples around the planet earth Return Orbiter.

From there, the rock samples would make the trek back again to Earth. However, THE BRAND NEW York Times explained that the rovers design became too big to squeeze in one lander with the rocket. Instead, NASA could have had to utilize two landers.

Sending the Sample Fetch Rover to Mars to get the Martian rock samples could have cost a lot more, as NASA could have had to create another lander for the rover. Instead, NASA and the ESA intend to use Perseverance to operate a vehicle the samples right to the lander. Those 30 rock samples will be loaded onto the rocket and sent into orbit.

Backup options

A concept of the sample retriever that will return Mars rock samples to Earth
An artists idea of a Mars Sample Retrieval Lander. Image source: NASA

The Sample Return Program wasnt likely to reach Mars until sometime in 2030. But, predicated on how Curiosity is doing, NASA is confident Perseverance will survive another eight years. And, if it doesnt, the area agency has devised a nifty little backup arrange for obtaining the Mars rock samples to the rocket.

If Perseverance incurs any issues before 2030, NASA and the ESA use helicopters to transfer the samples. NASAs Mars Ingenuity helicopter has continued to destroy its records. Though, the helicopter is currently on holiday.

And, due to the helicopters success, NASA believes that helicopters could provide some additional used in the future. Up to now, Ingenuity has flown 29 flights on the Martian surface. Helicopters ought to be more than with the capacity of delivering the Mars rock samples from Perseverance to the return lander.

Needless to say, you may still find concerns that the Mars rocks could bring unknown biological particles to Earth. But, needless to say, NASA says it really is taking precautions to avoid any problems with that. We’ve at the very least eight years before this type of mission is even happening. That provides them a lot more time to plan containment should it be needed.

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