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NASA’s moon-observing CubeSat is ready for Artemis launch

NASA’s Moon-observing CubeSat Ready for Artemis Launch
Illustration of NASA’s Lunar IceCube mission investigating lunar ice. Credit: Morehead State University

NASA’s water-scouting CubeSat is currently poised to affix a ride to lunar orbit. Very little larger than a shoe box, Lunar IceCube’s data could have an outsized effect on lunar science.

The satellite is built-into the area Launch System (SLS) rocket and prepared to journey to the moon within the uncrewed Artemis I mission, launching this season.

Orbiting the moon, Lunar IceCube use a spectrometer to research lunar ice. Earlier missions revealed ice on the moon, but Lunar IceCube will further NASA’s understanding of lunar ice dynamics.

NASA’s Lunar IceCube mission will journey to the Moon as a second payload on the Artemis I mission. Credit: NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center

Scientists want in the absorption and release of water from the the moon’s rocky and dusty surface. With Lunar IceCube investigating this technique, NASA can map these changes because they occur on the moon.

Lunar IceCube may also study the the thin atmosphere-like volume surrounding the moon. By understanding the dynamics of water along with other substances on the moon, scientists can predict seasonal changes for lunar ice which could impact its use as a resource later on.

This can all be performed from a competent and cost-effective CubeSat that only weighs 31 pounds. Lunar IceCube is one of the CubeSats catching a ride to the moon aboard Artemis I. These small satellites, alongside future Artemis missions, increase our knowledge for living and focusing on the and finally Mars.

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