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Nashville and LA session player Shawn Tubbs offers probably the most iconic amp tones ever sold along with his new signature overdrive, the Revv Amplification Tilt

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Revv Amplification Shawn Tubbs Tilt

(Image credit: Revv Amplification)

Shawn Tubbs new Tilt signature overdrive pedal with Revv Amplification is touted because the tonal cumulation of his lifetime in music.

With Tubbs resume as a session A-lister whose professional credits include use Stone Temple Pilots, Carrie Underwood and David Crosby, and a pedal nut along with his own YouTube channel boasting nearly 40,000 subscribers, it is possible to bet your cash the stompbox is among the strongest & most versatile overdrives thatve to enter the market this season.

Launched as of this years NAMM show, the Tilt Overdrive boasts an all-analog organic drive circuit with a record-ready amp tone and feel, and combines many of the most iconic overdriven amp tones ever sold.

Included in these are, as Tubbs reveals, from just a little Tweed Champ, completely up to high-powered Tweed Twin, up to Marshall Plexi, or perhaps a JTM or JCM.

Our goal from day one was to build up the precise tone in my own head, the guitarist explains. Ive been on a wide variety of gigs that I understand exactly what I have to perform. Slicing through the mix with the proper mids, great believe that cleans up together with your hands and the quantity knob, and a killer boost to activate and just make everything sound better.

We’d to mix that practicality with realizing my dream tone Ive always wanted. Each and every time Ive played an unbelievable vintage amp Id get so inspired and think about how exactly to tweak it to match my playing style. Thats what went into this pedal. Its all the best tones combined into one particular box.

The Tilt Overdrives interface includes a Drive section with Treble, Bass, Level and Gain knobs and a game-changing Boost section, with Boost level and Tilt EQ knobs, and a three-position Tight switch, which delivers strategic frequency options for precision tone sculpting.

The reason why the Tilt EQ will there be is that Ive always noticed with really great-sounding single-knob boost pedals as you truly start cranking it, anomalies begins turning up, either in the very best end or the reduced end, Tubbs explains.

Another reason is for workflow; I would like to have the ability to quickly sculpt in a tone, particularly when Im by using this to operate a vehicle the overdrive side of the pedal for more gain, I would like to have the ability to quickly dial things in.

(Image credit: Revv Amplification)

Other features include top-mounted jacks, silent-relay switching and 12V high-headroom circuitry.

As Revv explains, the Tilt Overdrive took President and Head Designer Dan Trudeaus research and development process to new heights.

During the period of its design process, the pedal saw over 10 unique revisions, with Tubbs regularly planing a trip to the companys workshop in Winnipeg, Canada to check prototypes. Such rigorous R&D resulted in a finished product that exceeded both Revv and Tubbs expectations.

I recall hearing killer blues players in the studio testing the ultimate prototype, as well as metal cats in the Revv shop checking it out, and everyone sounded so unique, Tubbs recalls. Just like the best version of these own private style.

If you wish to have my tone, here it really is in this pedal. But whats most significant is that I believe this pedal will help you appear to be yourself.

Revv Amplification Shawn Tubbs Tilt

(Image credit: Revv Amplification)

The Tilt Overdrive is made to use any guitar and gear setup, and is, as Revv explains, equally aware of single coil-equipped bolt-on guitars since it has been humbucker-loaded set necks.

Low or high gain in the home or with a band youll will have the proper tone for the work, Revv says.

The Shawn Tubbs Tilt Overdrive can be acquired now for $269. To learn more, check out Revv Amplification (opens in new tab).

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