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Nate Diaz admits Jake Paul boxing match can be an option

Given that Nate Diaz has fought out his UFC contract all eyes will turn to his next move also it appears that will likely can be found in the boxing ring, and against an opponent who has made a sizeable imprint on the sports landscape within the last year or two.

Diaz defeated Tony Ferguson by late submission in the hastily-arranged new main event for UFC 279 in NEVADA earlier this month, exiting the organisation with another win under his belt and in search of fresh challenges. The Stockton man is definitely associated with a fight with boxing neophyte Jake Paul, the person who has graduated from YouTube content production to become legit attract the prizefighting world.

Many, though, expect Pauls star to flame out after the tests become stern enough also it seems that Diaz is suitably positioning himself to be sitting on the sidelines once Pauls October 29 fight with Anderson Silva is all said and done.

When I was 17, 18 yrs . old I began to fight, I was in boxing, my boxing coach, and boxers around my gym and I was gonna box initially, but MMA shows were more around my area plus they were happening therefore i got sucked in MMA, Diaz said while talking with iD Boxing, as noted by MiddleEasy.

I was stuck in the cage this whole time with contracts and stuff so now everythings open for the taking. I never stopped training for a boxing fight since i have started fighting when the proper opponent once the right thing boils down, were gonna go on it.

So when for Diaz vs. Paul?

He could be for sure among the options, he said of the former Disney child star. Hes got a large fight before him and when he wins that Im sure people ought to be really impressed because of it. If Anderson does his thing on him, thats impressive also and today we’ve a fight n our hands, Im looking towards it.


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