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Nathaniel Hackett Ripped by NFL Twitter as Russell Wilson, Broncos Lose to Seahawks

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It had been all initiated too perfectly.

Russell Wilson, who just so is actually the best quarterback in Seattle Seahawks history, had the ball in his hands in the ultimate seconds with to be able to clinch a comeback victory for his Denver Broncos while watching very Seattle crowd that booed him as he took the field Monday.

And head coach Nathaniel Hackett took the ball out of his hands.

The Broncos had all three timeouts remaining on Seattle’s 46-yard line but wasted nearly the complete play clock because the game clock was running and made a decision to kick a 64-yard field goal rather than choosing 4th-and-5. Brandon McManus missed it, and Seattle clinched the beautiful 17-16 win.

Social media marketing didn’t approve of Hackett’s decision-making:

Adam Silverstein @SilversteinAdam

Win or lose, Hackett ain’t it for the #Broncos.

Horrible in-game decisions. Terrible clock management. Infuriating red zone execution. Ill-advised idea of never to have the starters play in the preseason. That is horrendous.

ProFootballTalk @ProFootballTalk

You quit a truckload of picks and a vault filled with money for Russell Wilson and you also take the ball out of his hands for a SIXTY FOUR YARD field goal???

Thad Brown @thadbrown7

Nathaniel Hackett seems an excellent guy.
It always appeared like NFL decision making at any level was way over his head.

Trae Young @TheTraeYoung

someone just explained
Broncos Nation Lets Kick

Peter Bukowski @Peter_Bukowski

Waste 30 seconds and call timeout once you had 3 to burn and its own 4th-and-the-game.

Hackett-Wilson era off to a roaring start

Ralph D. Russo @ralphDrussoAP

That has been ghastly clock management. Just incredibly bad.

Bryan Fischer @BryanDFischer

So much for the “Madden generation” of head coaches being better at clock management.

Beau Bishop @BeauBishop

Manning cast was worthwhile merely to watch Paytons face because the Broncos wasted 30 seconds before calling periods.

Bill Barnwell @billbarnwell

Letting 39 seconds run *andgoing for a timeout there’s the worst of both worlds. Only a disaster.

JG @Jason1Goff

Thats as bad a clock management Ive observed in quite a long time.

Brad Evans @NoisyHuevos

Denver so deserves the L. It had been well earned.

Tony Jones @Tjonesonthenba

Wait. Hackett had Most of his timeouts left? Does he..does he not trust Russell Wilson?

Dan Wetzel @DanWetzel

Trade three players and five draft picks for a QB youre paying $242.5 million but still attempt a 64 yard field goal.

Meanwhile, former Seahawks stars Doug Baldwin and Richard Sherman also took to Twitter to talk about their thoughts:

Doug Baldwin Jr @DougBaldwinJr

Richard Sherman @RSherman_25

Richard Sherman @RSherman_25

Cant fool the town boy they know whats up!-Drake

The truth is, the Broncos likely could have won the overall game prior to it came right down to that final drive should they simply took benefit of their other scoring opportunities.

Instead, Melvin Gordon III fumbled on 4th-and-goal from the 1-yard line on the first possession of the next half, and Javonte Williams fumbled on 3rd-and-goal from the 1-yard line on the next possession.



: Stream on NFL+


ANOTHER goal line fumble forced by the @Seahawks!

: Stream on NFL+

ESPN Stats & Info @ESPNStatsInfo

The Broncos lost 2 fumbles on rushes from the 1-yard line tonight.

The final team to achieve that in a casino game was the 1987 Chiefs in weekly 4 loss to the Raiders.

Denver didn’t scored a touchdown on some of their 3 trips in the Seahawks’ 10-yard line.

Richard Sherman @RSherman_25

So goal to go situations are tough..

There is some irony considering Wilson lost a brilliant Bowl with Seattle as the Seahawks made a decision to throw rather than running with Marshawn Lynch at the target line, but Denver simply couldn’t escape its way Monday.

Wilson finished 29-of-42 for 340 yards, one touchdown and zero interceptions and probably did enough to win while watching fans who used to adore him, but he came away with losing thanks to a fantastic sequence of events.

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