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Nearly 200 religious colleges deemed unsafe for LGBTQ students by Campus Pride

(RNS) A large number of religious universities in the united states, including Seattle Pacific University in Washington and Brigham Young University in Utah, were listed as unsafe and discriminatory campuses for LGBTQ students by Campus Pride, a national organization advocating for inclusive universites and colleges.

Less than 10 of the 193 schools on the list released Thursday (Sept. 8), weren’t religiously affiliated or didn’t list a religious affiliation, in accordance with Campus Pride.

Campus Pride, which began in 2002 being an network and became a nonprofit in 2006, said it launched the national listing in 2015 to create attention to universites and colleges that requested Title IX exemptions against LGBTQ students.

On the list of campuses that made The Worst List: Azusa Pacific University, an interdenominational Christian school in Southern California; Baylor University, a Baptist school in Waco, Texas; George Fox University, a Quaker institution in Newberg, Oregon; Yeshiva University, today’s Orthodox Jewish school in NEW YORK; and Liberty University, a Baptist institution in Lynchburg, Virginia.

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Most of the schools made the list for claiming an exemption to Title IX and for allowing the faculty to discriminate against its students based on sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, pregnancy or receipt of abortion while still receiving federal funds. A lot more than 120 schools were listed as exempt from Title IX.

Other schools in California qualified for the list because of their opposition to circumstances bill that targets private universities exempted from anti-discrimination laws. The schools argue compliance would conflict making use of their religious tenets, the LA Times reported.

Campus Pride envisions campuses and a society free from anti-LGBTQ+ prejudice, bigotry, and hate, Shane Windmeyer , executive director of Campus Pride, said in a statement on Twitter.The growing anti-LGBTQ+ attacks on youth in the united states makes the release of #TheWorstList a lot more crucial and timely.

People participate in the third day of a sit-in at Seattle Pacific University, May 26, 2022, after the board of trustees decided to retain a policy that prohibits the hiring of LGBTQ people. Photo via Twitter/@SPUisGay

People take part in the 3rd day of a sit-in at Seattle Pacific University, May 26, 2022, following the board of trustees made a decision to retain an insurance plan that prohibits the hiring of LGBTQ people. Photo via Twitter/@SPUisGay

The list is published as schools like Seattle Pacific University have faced backlash from students protesting policies they state are discriminatory toward LGBTQ people.

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Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson in late July confirmed his office was investigating SPU for potential illegal discrimination against LGBTQ people because of the schools employment policies. The investigation came as students staged a monthlong sit-in to protest the board of trustees decision to help keep an insurance plan barring the hiring of LGBTQ people.

Until students can easily see themselves represented within their professors, SPU can’t be considered a safe space for LGBTQ+ students, an Instagram statement from Seattle Pacific LGBTQ+ Protest said.

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