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Nearly 8,000 New Voters Registered Before Georgia Special Election

Miguel Juarez Lugo via ZUMA Wire

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A last-minute push to join up voters in Georgias 6th Congressional District prior to the June 20 special election has led to nearly 8,000 new voters in the district by Tuesday, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. Thats a large enough number to swing a detailed election, and polls so far show the race within the margin of error. Its also an encouraging sign for Democrat Jon Ossoff, the insurgent candidate who topped the initial round of voting in the solidly Republican district and is hoping that new voters can put him at the top in the June 20 runoff.

The election between Ossoff and Republican Karen Handel has been widely portrayed as a test of the Democratic resistance to President Donald Trump. In the conservative district, Ossoff is wanting to peel from the lime Republican voters disenchanted with Trump, particularly white women. However in order to win, Ossoff also needs strong support from the Democratic base and new voters. When a federal judge reopened voter registration in the district through May 21, groups that target young, poor, and minority voters rushed in to the district to join up eligible voters. The 7,942 new voters include new registrants and folks who moved in to the district following the primary and transferred their registration.

The district has a lot more than 521,000 registered voters, so its unclear whether another 7,942or around 1.5 percent of this totalwill change lives. Ossoff fell 3,700 votes lacking winning an outright majority in the principal on April 18. If the runoff remains a toss-up, these new voters could determine the winner.

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