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Nebraska football fans will be ready to turn to Urban Meyer

Nebraskafootballfans haveturned their focus on Urban Meyer becoming their next savior.

With things going absolutely terrible for Scott Frost in year five, Nebraska football fans are finished with the former Cornhuskers quarterback leading their program, because they have turned their focus on the one and only Urban Meyer.

Desperate times demand desperate measures. That’s where the proud Nebraska fanbase finds itself after losing another stupid one under Frosts watch, this time around to Northwestern over in Ireland. Cornhusker fans took to community forums to express not merely their displeasure of Frost at the forefront in the years ahead but to create it abundantly clear they want Meyer now!

From Meyer, to Dave Aranda, to Luke Fickell, to whoever was Trev Alberts roommate in Lincoln back your day, Nebraska fans want some dang changes.

Watch Alberts pry former Husker Craig Bohl from serious altitude over in Laramie, Wyoming.

Nebraska football fans want Urban Meyer to lead the Huskers from the tunnel

Look. Nebraska will need to move off Frost if Nebraska really wants to make contact with being Nebraska again. Not saying the Cornhuskers can ever make contact with being truly a national power like these were in the old Big Eight, or before leaving the Big 12, but the program can go back to Bo Pelini degrees of 9-3 and expansive Citrus Bowl opportunities. So far as hiring Meyer, it’ll be entertaining as all hell.

For Nebraska to be respectable once more, the Cornhuskers have to pattern themselves after programs like Kentucky, Louisville, Michigan State and Tennessee. Recruit both regional and nationally to greatly help field a roster than can win eight games with greater regularity. For just about any and all detractors of Meyer, he could be at the very top recruiter most of all. He’d bridge this gap considerably.

While Meyer is really a midwestern guy who has won at all stops in college, folks are never likely to your investment unmitigated disaster of epic proportions that has been his embarrassing run leading the Jacksonville Jaguars. Meyer may win prolifically, but he might also retire you in the blink of a watch, while bringing questionable people in to the building, players, coaches and what perhaps you have

Without doubt about any of it, Meyer would transform Nebraska football from the national laughingstock right into a Big Ten West behemoth seemingly overnight. The Cornhuskers will win games and become a force to be reckoned with. However, that may have a price. Meyer wont last ten years in Lincoln, and the Cornhusker faithful will need to deal with the results of bankrupting their souls immediately after.

Meyer would make Nebraska better overnight, but may be the juice worth the squeeze for the Huskers?

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