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Nebraska football has gotten so very bad even the Big South doesnt want them

If youre a particular age, it doesnt look like all that way back when that the Nebraska Cornhuskers were among the proudest programs in college football. The Cornhuskers claimed national championships in 1994, 1995, and 1997 (in addition to two in the 70s) under legendary coach Tom Osborne, and had a few of the coolest players in the activity.

Unfortunately for Nebraska, its been a difficult fall during the last 20 years because the programs heyday. The Cornhuskers have posted a losing record in five straight seasons, and so are coming off a nightmare 3-9 campaign that put head coach Scott Frost firmly on the hot seat entering this season. On Saturday, Nebraska opened its 2022 season against Northwestern in Dublin as a 12-point favorite in the Week 0 matchup. If most expected the sweeping changes the Cornhuskers made on the offensive side of the ball on the offseason to immediately translate, these were again left disappointed.

Northwestern beat Nebraska, 31-28, with a come-from-behind victory that provides the Cornhuskers another sour start. Nebraska led 28-17 in the 3rd quarter, but couldnt hang on. Its the programs seventh straight loss dating back to to this past year. Hey, at the very least the beer was free.

As college football fans round the country made fun of Nebraskas fall from grace, even the Big Sky Conference got in on the action. Following a fan suggested Nebraska move down from the mighty Big Ten to the low-major Big South, among the smallest conference in college football managed to get clear the Cornhuskers werent welcome.

The Big South is really as low-major since it gets, and also theyre taking shots at Nebraska football. Is this what very cheap appears like?

Needless to say, all of those other internet had fun mocking the Cornhuskers, too.

Nothing like this, Nebra-

That are we kidding? This is completely on script for a Scott Frost Nebraska team

RedditCFB (@RedditCFB) August 27, 2022

Not gonna lie: “Northwestern will gain 500+ yards (whilst running on like every 3rd-and-long and owning a freeze play on fourth-and-7)” wouldn’t have been around in my top 10 guesses for how Nebraska might lose this game.

Bill Connelly (@ESPN_BillC) August 27, 2022

Getting kicked in the dick, the Nebraska Scott Frost experience for a long time running now

BUM CHILLUPS AKA SPENCER HALL (@edsbs) August 27, 2022

Our Nebraska team community Corn Nation published a hilarious live blog that reacted to the team blowing another winnable game. Our Northwestern community Inside NU includes a happier consider the winning side.

Incidentally, Nebraska didnt schedule a bye week returning from Ireland, and also have to ready for North Dakota in a week. It may be another long year for Frost and the Cornhuskers. The 90s haven’t seemed such a long time ago.

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