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Netflix just dropped a trailer because of its movie franchise with a 0% on Rotten Tomatoes

A fresh Netflix trailer just dropped for the 3rd installment in the streamers porn-y 365 Days movie franchise a trailer which makes clear (not that should come as any big surprise) that movie #3, set for August 19, will proceed across the same steamy, NSFW lines of the prior two movies in the franchise. Sex, drama, and much more sex. Plus kitchen hanky-panky this time around, and also a stripper in the mix. What else can you expect from the trailer for Netflixs ANOTHER 365 Days?

With regards to critically acclaimed feature-length fare the type of movies that folks remember, that produce you tell yourself, yes, for this reason Im still a Netflix subscriber well, Id argue that the streamers hit-to-miss ratio is totally out of whack on that score. I dare you, actually, to name a lot more than, say, five truly great types of cinematic achievement that Netflix has been in charge of.

But garbage movies where in fact the main attraction is adult-oriented action? Netflix has that certain down pat, it appears.

ANOTHER 365 Days Netflix trailer

The brand new trailer for Netflixs ANOTHER 365 Days, incidentally, is embedded below. Heres the way the streamer describes the story

Laura and Massimos relationship hangs in the total amount as they make an effort to overcome trust issues, while a tenacious Nacho works to push them apart.

the next 365 Days netflix
A still from the Netflix movie ANOTHER 365 Days. Image source: Karolina Grabowska/Netflix

So far as a reminder of where in fact the existing story stands though, in the event that you bother to view the Netflix trailer that debuted on Monday, August 8, its likely youre probably already invested the gist is a gangster named Massimo kidnaps a bored Polish woman. Laura is her name, and she was on holiday in Italy. Massimo bets that shell love him, despite being captive, in under per year.

That arrangement proceeds like youd expect. In the last two movies, incidentally, we ought to add that cliffhangers tease the death of Laura both times.

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Rotten Tomatoes ratings

Who knows, maybe the 3rd time would be the charm. It is possible to only rise from 0!

The initial two installments in the franchise (365 Days, and 365 Days: TODAY) both have 0% critics score ratings on Rotten Tomatoes. Absent even the thin, barbed hook of an imprisoned woman wielding her sexual power, reads a critique from the Los Angles Times reviewer, the brand new film doesnt have much reason to exist.

Only if this type of reason was ever enough to avoid a bit of streaming content from getting made.

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