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Netflix Sues Barlow & Bear for ‘Bridgerton Musical’ Performance

Netflix Sues Barlow & Bear for Musical … Thou Hath Stolen Our ‘Bridgerton!!!’

7/29/2022 2: 29 PM PT

“Bridgerton” is once more a smash hit, but this time around Netflix is pissed … since it says two musicians cheated their TV series, turned it right into a stage production and turned an enormous profit.

The streaming giant is certainly going following the duo Barlow & Bear for “The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical Album Reside in Concert” — a musical production they performed to a sold-out Kennedy Center earlier this week.

In the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, Netflix says the production’s opening number, “Tis the growing season” ‘s almost identical to the main one they used to introduce the show’s main characters and setting. Netflix says Barlow & Bear even cheated “substantial dialogue verbatim” from it show.

In accordance with Netflix, the musicians didn’t just steal its intellectual property … however they also lied about getting permission. In the suit, Netflix includes an advertisement that has been posted for the stage production also it includes the written text, “BRIDGERTON is really a trademark of Netflix used in combination with permission.”

Nope. Not in accordance with Netflix, which says it actually “vigorously objected” to Barlow & Bear’s usage of the show’s name, characters and dialogue.

Netflix says the duo has plans to take the musical on the highway with a performance in London’s iconic Royal Albert Hall — and they are also selling “Bridgerton” themed merch.

Besides ripping off its Television show, Netflix says Barlow & Bear’s pirate operation is competing using its “Bridgerton Experience” … a 6-city event where fans pay to take pleasure from an “immersive” night in a ballroom with actors and music inspired by their show.

Netflix wants the court to turn off Barlow & Bear’s future productions, also it wants any profits they’ve already made.

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