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New Mafia Game in the Works, First Title Will undoubtedly be Free on Steam This Week

The Mafia franchise celebrates 20 years because the release of the initial game, Mafia: THE TOWN of Lost Heaven, back on Aug. 29, 2002. To celebrate, developer Hanger 13 says a fresh game in the series is coming, and fans will get a free of charge version of the older title.

Roman Hladk, Hangar 13 general manager, revealed another Mafia game is in development in a post Monday celebrating the anniversary. Hladk didn’t provide any details about the brand new title, but did say it had been a couple of years from launch.

Publish 2K tweeted Monday that the first Mafia game will undoubtedly be designed for free on Steam from Sept. 1-5.

Mafia is among the first open-world crime games ahead after Grand Theft Auto III in 2001. You can find three games in the franchise, with each occurring in different intervals in fictional cities closely resembling major US cities.

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