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New Mexico governor pledges $10M for new abortion clinic

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) New Mexicos governor on Wednesday signed a fresh executive order that pledges $10 million to create a clinic that could provide abortions along with other pregnancy care.

The target here’s build it and they’ll come, Democrat Michelle Lujan Grisham said after signing the order throughout a virtual announcement that included members of the states Commission on the Status of Women and many legislators.

The governor noted that New Mexico already has seen an influx of patients following U.S. Supreme Courts decision in June to overturn Roe v. Wade as abortions have ceased in neighboring Texas and elsewhere.

Lujan Grisham, who’s running for reelection against Republican Mark Ronchetti, signed her first executive order on the problem in late June. It had been targeted at ensuring safe harbor to people seeking abortions or providing abortions at healthcare facilities within hawaii.

The most recent order reiterates her commitments to protecting access along with directing state agencies to leverage their resources to expand usage of reproductive healthcare including abortion in underserved regions of hawaii. The order also demands hawaii Department of Health to examine the feasibility of providing medication abortions at its public health clinics.

Ronchetti on Wednesday said state funds shouldnt be allocated to a clinic where late-term abortions will be available for individuals who result from out of state. He’s got proposed limiting abortion to the initial 15 weeks, or in cases of rape, incest, or once the life of mom reaches risk.

Using taxpayer dollars make it possible for and fund abortion until the idea of birth isn’t only out of line with New Mexican values, it really is extreme, he said in a statement.

The Democratic-led Legislature will hash out another state budget, including capital investments, when it meets in January.

Are you aware that one-time proposed infusion of $10 million for a fresh clinic in the Las Cruces area, Lujan Grisham said she envisions a partnership with medical schools and private providers, like the Mississippi clinic at the biggest market of the Roe court battle that relocated to southern New Mexico in early August.

Among the largest abortion providers in Texas, Austin-based Whole Womans Health, also still has plans to go a few of its operations to New Mexico and states in the southeastern U.S.

The Commission on the Status of Ladies in an answer read Wednesday clarified its concentrate on protecting usage of abortions, protecting healthcare providers and expanding usage of what the panel called a complete spectral range of pregnancy care which include abortions in addition to post-birth care.

Commission Chairwoman Lisa Curtis said there must be a special focus on underserved areas over the rural state and investment in programs that may create a pipeline of trained healthcare providers.

New Mexico lawmakers this past year repealed a dormant 1969 statute that outlawed most abortion procedures as felonies, thus ensuring usage of abortion following Supreme Courts action. Some Democratic lawmakers said Wednesday that they can push for measures through the next legislative session to help expand enshrine access and protections in state law.

The governor said the task being done by her allies in the Legislature and advocacy groups is saving womens lives.

The idea that women cannot have control over their health, dignity, respect and autonomy is outrageous, Lujan Grisham said. It is a state that won’t let that function as status quo.

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