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New Research Finds That Childhood Lead Exposure In Black Students Is ASSOCIATED WITH Low Test Scores IN COMPARISON TO Their White Peers

Black Students Lead Exposure

The American school system has long faced intense criticism regarding unfair and discriminatory practices since it pertains to Black students and national testingand now new evidence shows that the issue could possibly be linked to health. Thanks to a just-released study, it had been found that childhood lead exposure of Black students in predominantly Black neighborhoods is directly associated with their lower test scores compared to their white student peers.

In accordance with @NBCNews, a recent study from Duke University uncovered some disturbing findings regarding Black students and lead exposure. Published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, data revealed that Black students faced disproportionate degrees of lead exposure in racially segregated neighborhoodswhich is from the widespread low test scores of Black students in comparison with their white counterparts. Black students surviving in neighborhoods experiencing poverty, insufficient resources, and racial segregation are in a heightened threat of exposure to lead.

Mercedes Bravo, Duke University Assistant Research Professor of Global Health insurance and also the top of the analysis, detailed the alarming results via statement. This is simply not surprising because lead is really a known neurotoxicant. Surviving in a racially segregated neighborhood was also connected with lower 4th grade reading test scores among NHB (non-Hispanic Black) children. And, critically, at high degrees of segregation, the combined association of the two exposures on test scores was bigger than expected.

Bravo continued pointing out the storied history of racism linked to the lead exposure in predominantly Black neighborhoods. This study shows that the long history of structural racism which among a great many other things has produced racially segregated neighborhoods and environmental injustice (within the proper execution of lead exposure) can combine to systematically disadvantage specific students and sets of students in america, she stated.

A lot more alarming in the study, were the reports that the lasting ramifications of lead exposure may appear well up, affecting intelligence, academic performance, and economic stability.

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