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New study claims sunlight will destroy Mercury, Venus, and Earth heres when

All stars dies and our Sun is really a star. Therefore, it seems sensible that at some time down the road, our Sun, which gives life to Earth, will die, too. When it can, scientists say that sunlight will destroy Earth, Mercury, and Venus, leaving our entire solar system devastated.

Earth in space
1 day, sunlight may destroy Earth or ensure it is unlivable because of the intense heat and energy it releases. Image source: Tryfonov / Adobe

A complete pot can only just boil such a long time before it finally boils over, and sunlight is similar to a pot of water, just boiling away for vast amounts of years. At this time, our star continues to be young, generating a great deal of energy and acting as a way to obtain light and heat that helps maintain Earth alive. But, 1 day, that same energy may cause sunlight to destroy Earth along with other planets alongside it.

This isnt a fresh idea. Scientists have estimated that our Sun will explode next five billion years for a long time now. A fresh study that researchers submitted to the Astrophysical Journal says that whenever it does, sunlight will destroy Mercury, Venus, and perhaps the planet earth.

The amount of that destruction is unclear, though. To raised understand how sunlight will destroy the planet earth, the researchers performed several 3D hydrodynamical simulations. This helped them better understand the number of possible outcomes following a Sun-like star engulfs a planet. They discovered that this will depend heavily on the planets size and the stars current stage.

The suns current activity, solar flares, and sunspots could be linked with its age. Image source: NSO/AURA/NSF

Due to the Earths size, some say it wont be completely devoured, as Mercury and Venus will tend to be. However, sunlight will still make the planet earth unlivable. Thats since when sunlight enters its red giant phase it’ll lose all its hydrogen. When that occurs, its border will expand multiple times over and engulf anything in its way. Because of this, our Sun could destroy Earth.

According to the exact outcome, the engulfed planet could be pulled right into a much tighter orbit that completely devours it. Or the capability to develop a ” new world ” could become available due to the changes.

Scientists believe our Sun has already reached the center of its life, roughly 4.57 billion years. In addition they believe thats the reason for the ongoing solar activity were experiencing. In 5 billion years, it’ll begin to die. So when that happens, the probability of sunlight destroying Earth have become likely.

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