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New Study Highlights using SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Platforms for News Content All over the world

Whether you prefer it or not whether you utilize social platforms for this function or dont the actual fact of the problem is that the majority of folks are now getting at the very least a few of their daily news and current affairs content from social media marketing apps.

Which may be problematic, for various reasons. For just one, social platform algorithms seek to increase engagement, which frequently sees more divisive, more argumentative content have more reach, since it sparks more debate.

Algorithms may also be attuned to your likes and interests, predicated on past engagement, that may result in filter bubbles where youre seeing fewer alternative viewpoints, although it can also imply that your political views are increasingly being shaped, some way, by your connections, and what they share within their feeds.

Theres no real way for this, but whats equally interesting to take into account may be the impact that could be having all over the world, and how people in various regions now depend on social platforms for news content.

That is what this new study from YouGovdigs into. Predicated on its Global Profilespool, which include over 43,000 from people all over the world, YouGov has come up with a new summary of which nations depend on social platforms for news content probably the most.

As you can plainly see in the below chart, 2 in 3 consumers in Indonesia and Vietnam now use social media marketing as a way to obtain news, meaning that social platforms have plenty of influence over information flow in these regions.

South Africa and the Philippines are next on the list, as the US is down at 23rd, which gives some interesting perspective on what global trends are increasingly being influenced by social media marketing discussion.

Thats why Metas efforts to combat misinformation in regions like Myanmar are necessary, and just why Twitters resistance of Government suppression requests are essential.

Some interesting notes to take into account have a look at YouGovs full chart overview below.

Use of social media as a news source

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