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New Teaser Confirms Fall Debut of IDOLiSH7 Third Beat! Part 2

Just a couple of weeks more till IDOLiSH7 becomes a lot more than only a musical anime, and fans can barely wait to witness this type of level-up.

Since ZOOL made their extravagant debut, there appears to be trouble in paradise for TRIGGER and IDOLiSH7. As though ZOOL and their dirty tricks werent enough, the bands were forced to handle unwanted and negative media attention too.

Soon IDOLiSH7 Third Beat! converted into something much more serious, and well see more of the in its second cour, developing on October 2, 2022.

102 Third BEAT! 2CM

Broadcast on October 2nd!IDOLiSH7 Third BEAT!

As observed in the times of year episode 13, many idols fell prey to false rumors about themselves because of paparazzi looking to get a scoop in it. Later it had been revealed that Ryo Tsukumo was behind everything and wished to smear TRIGGERs name before ZOOL debuted.

Increasing this, Sumire was in cahoots with Torao Mido and intentionally led the media to trust that she was dating Ryunosuke.

While IDOLiSH7 and TRIGGER handled the results of popularity and fame, ZOOL made their biggest move. By establishing a stage in public areas and creating a grand entrance, ZOOL made the planet notice them.

From there on, all of the credit for ZOOLs popularity visited the web as everyone started posting concerning the bands phenomenal music. However, ZOOLs launch meant only despair and agony for IDOLiSH7 and TRIGGER.

Just as much as most of us hate Tsukumo, we cant help but concur that ZOOLs success had not been because of scheming and cheating. The band has immense talent and couldnt have achieved fame in that short time or even because of their skills.

So, to all or any the ZOOL apologists and also those that absolutely hate them, we need to wait slightly more to see what else they will have planned for all of us.

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About IDOLiSH7

iDOLISH7 started as a rhythm game, Idolish7 later expanded into several anime and novel adaptations. The anime is adapted by studio Troyca and licensed by Crunchyroll.

Tsumugi Takanashi can be an inexperienced manager under his fathers agency and manages a fresh idol group, Idolish7.

Comprising 7 male singers, each making use of their vibrant personality, the group aims to be famous idols in the intense pressure of the entertainment industry.

Source: IDOLiSH7 Animes Official Website

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