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New Xbox Series X homepage layouts are rolling out and fans aren’t happy

Xbox Series X in front of a TV displaying Xbox Game Pass games

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Microsoft is rolling out new homepage layouts to Xbox Insiders, however the response up to now has been largely negative.

Multiple variations of the brand new homepage will undoubtedly be distributed around Xbox Series X|S Insiders on the coming months. A worldwide launch is likely to can be found in 2023, according to the state announcement on the Xbox Wire blog (opens in new tab).

What’s likely the initial of several new layouts looks to possess some decent quality-of-life updates. THE HOUSE dashboard now has dedicated tiles for the Microsoft Store and the Settings app. Since it stands, they are typically found further down the menu, or buried in the ‘My games & apps’ section.

Despite these improvements, Xbox fans don’t appear too thinking about the changes up to now. The most typical complaint on Twitter (opens in new tab) shows a dislike for the tile clutter that blocks out a lot of the backdrop wallpaper. Others still hate the continued inclusion of ads taking on space on the homepage.

Xbox Series X|S new Insider dashboard

(Image credit: Microsoft)

May be the new dash really that bad?

My two cents? I must say i don’t believe this new homepage layout is all that bad. I’m a fan of the wider ‘Jump back in’ section at the very top that are taking full benefit of Xbox’s Quick Resume feature. I also enjoy having fast access to the Settings menu. And lastly, we’ve a search bar that’s not saved in the Microsoft Store.

It’s not at all perfect, though. I concur that the continued inclusion of an ad tile isn’t all that user-friendly. That space could possibly be better served as an instant access indicate Xbox Game Pass, for instance. Maybe a good tile reserved for achievement suggestions, or parties with friends we are able to join in as soon as.

I believe ads always look just a little strange when plastered on the house UI like this. Often, they’re not tailored to the games I’ve actually been playing. They ought to really be featured in the Microsoft Store app, where players are likely likely to be searching for a fresh game or DLC anyway.

But hey, this is exactly what the Xbox Insider program is for. That is just the initial of exactly what will be many UI layouts in the run-up to 2023’s refresh. Hopefully, therefore that the Xbox team will need on feedback to help expand fine tune the dashboard until it’s ready for prime time.

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