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New York’s attorney general sues Trump family, alleging years of “illegal conduct” at charity

NY Attorney General Barbara Underwoodfiled case against President Donald Trump and his charity, the Donald J. Trump Foundation, on Thursday,allegingthat the president and hisfamilyillegally used the private foundationto cover business, personal and political expenses.

The lawsuitaccuses the charity and the Trump family ofillegal activity that occurred over greater than a decade, including “extensive unlawful political coordination with the Trump presidential campaign, repeated and willful self-dealing transactions to benefit Mr. Trump’s personal and business interests and violations of basic legal obligations for non-profit foundations.”

“As our investigation reveals, the Trump Foundation was bit more when compared to a checkbook for payments from Mr. Trump or his businesses to nonprofits, irrespective of their purpose or legality,” said Underwoodin a statement. “This is simply not how private foundations should function, and my office intends to carry the foundation in charge of its misuse of charitable assets.”

The lawsuit, filed in the brand new York State Supreme Court,seeksto dissolve the building blocks.

“For greater than a decade, the Donald J. Trump Foundation has operated in persistent violation of state and federal law governing NY State charities,” thecomplaintstates.

“This pattern of illegal conduct by the building blocks and its own board members includes improper and extensive political activity, repeated and willful self-dealing transactions and failure to check out basic fiduciary obligations or even to implement event elementary corporate formalities required for legal reasons.”

The complaint alleges that thecharitable foundationengaged inillegalconductby using public funding to promoteTrump’s 2016 presidential campaign, and that the foundationreapedmore than $2.8 million tofundhis electoralbid.

The lawsuitclaimsthat Trump’s campaign “extensively directed and coordinated the foundation’s activities” in connection withan event for veterans in Iowa that Trump held in 2016 rather than taking part in a presidential debate. Thefoundation allegedlyhelped to both organizeand promote the function.

The attorney generalcitedemails showing that the campaign “played the lead in role in determining the disposition” of the fundraiser proceeds, including onesshowingthen-Trump campaign managerCorey Lewandowskicommunicating with foundation staffers aboutthedistribution ofthe funds, based on the lawsuit.

Thesuit alsoclaims that Trump personallydirectedthe foundation staff to utilize $100,000 from the building blocks in 2007 to stay caseagainst his Mar-a-Lago estate andthe city of Palm Beach, Florida.It includes a handwritten note by Trumpordering the transaction.

Trump taken care of immediately the lawsuit in a set of tweetson Thursday by claiming he “won’t settle this case!”

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