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NFL Agent: Cowboys, Bears Don’t Hire Mike McCarthy and Ryan Pace without Jay Glazer

AP Photo/Darryl Webb

Fox Sports NFL insider Jay Glazer apparently has more influence round the league than people realize.

The Athletic’s Ben Standig conducted a survey with 26 certified agents. Within a remedy for who’s probably the most powerful person behind the scenes, one agent revealed that Glazer’s word is respected so much that he’s even influenced recent hiring decisions.

“Mike McCarthy doesn’t get hired by the Cowboys without Jay Glazer. Ryan Pace doesn’t get hired by the Bears without Jay Glazer,” the agent said. “There is a ton such as this. He’s got pull with lots of people.”

The planet may never really understand how much power Glazer wields, but he’ll continue steadily to bring his expertise to Fox’s NFL programming through the entire 2022 season, that is set to begin with Sept. 8.

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