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NFL Agent on NIL: ‘Unqualified People’ Are ‘Taking Benefit of These Young’ Players

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The brand new name, image and likeness rules in college football are presumably welcome developments for players who is able to now earn money from their names, but a minumum of one agent sees a downside to the recent developments.

Ben Standig of The Athletic conducted a survey of agents who represent NFL players, and something pointed to potential dangers in the brand new NIL environment:

“NIL. There’s just no rules. They allow toothpaste from the tube without the regulation. Anyone can say they’re an NIL agent. I believe that a lot of legitimate agencies and agents are in fact helping these kids and doing their finest to greatly help them earn money and look after them. The thing is you’re seeing lots of unqualified people who are out there benefiting from these teenagers. These teenagers aren’t being educated by their universities or by one to know the difference between someone who’s actually there to greatly help them and a person who doesn’t know s–t from Cheyenne.”

The NIL was a substantial talking point of days gone by college football offseason. It came up in discussions about high-profile transfers such as for example wide receiver Jordan Addison and in back-and-forths with coaches such as for example Nick Saban, Jimbo Fisher and Deion Sanders.

Possibly the NCAA’s try to fight players being covered such a long time left it playing from behind when it found making actual rules and guidelines for when NIL arrived. It did offer new guidelines in-may, nonetheless it is clear some agents still feel just like the system continues to be easily exploitable.

That could leave college players in a hard situation because they try to differentiate between those that, because the agent put it, are “actually there to greatly help.”

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