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NFL gets roasted on Twitter for post about Hispanic Heritage Month

The National Football League’s design for Hispanic Heritage Month is definately not a touchdown.

At the very least, that’s in accordance with Twitter users who’ve relentlessly mocked the look of the NFL’s campaign to celebrate Hispanic and Latino players.

In a tweet posted on Thursday, the NFL shared a graphic for the Por La Cultura campaign. The image showed the leagues shield having an ee accent over, the N in NFL. The ee is written as in Spanish and is its letter in the language instead of an N with a tilde over it, in accordance with The Diversity Style Guide.

“This shield integrates unmistakable Latin flavor and is fundamental to your always-on, 365-day initiative,” read a graphic posted by the NFL describing the Hispanic Heritage Month shield. “The electric brush stroke of the ‘ee’ is filled up with an infectious personality that’s completed through all of those other look [and] feel.”

The NFL said its month-long campaign “highlights Latino players, coaches and staff, celebrates Latino excellence and tells authentic stories of the city.”

Users were quick to indicate that the Spanish word for “national,” that is “nacional,” doesn’t have an “ee” and words in Spanish usually do not focus on an “ee.”

“That is embarrassing. There is absolutely no ee on the planet nacional. We dont say Ee F L we say NFL. Apologize,” tweeted author Julissa Natzely Arce Raya, adding a face-palm emoji.

Others made a decision to start adding “ee” to other names that avoid the letter.

“Based on the #NFL, Im eating at I–Out tonight in celebration of #HispanicHeritageMonth,” tweeted criminal justice reform advocate Jernimo Saldaa.

Others mocked the look of the logo, sharing images from the tv screen show “ANY OFFICE,” where character Ryan Howard, played by BJ Novak, draws an “ee” on the “n” in “lemonade,” transforming the drink into “Mexican lemonade.”

Sportswriter Nate Atkins updated his Twitter display name, adding an “ee” to the “N” in “Nate.” He tweeted: “Putting a in NFL to highlight Latino culture is indeed lazy and probably are expensive of money and time to obtain approved lol.”

A spokesperson for the NFL didn’t immediately react to a obtain comment.

Kalhan Rosenblatt is really a reporter covering youth and internet culture for NBC News, located in NY.

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