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NFL Week 1 grades: Trey Lance and 49ers get yourself a ‘D’ after upset loss, Dolphins get an ‘A’ for thrashing Patriots

New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins
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After only 1 game with Trey Lance under center, the SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA 49ers might already be regretting their decision to send Jimmy Garoppolo to the bench.

In his begin since officially being named 49ers quarterback, Lance had a disastrous performance in a shocking 19-10 loss to the Bears in Chicago. Sure, it didn’t help that the overall game was played in the center of a biblical rain storm, but regardless of the way you spin it, it had been any ugly game for Lance.

The second-year quarterback completed under 50% of his passes (13 of 28) and threw for 164 yards. The troubling part for the 49ers is that Lance wasn’t in a position to come through once the 49ers needed him most. With the 49ers trailing 13-10 in the fourth quarter, Lance had the opportunity to engineer a comeback, but any hope of this happening ended when he threw an ugly interception to Eddie Jackson that basically iced the win for Chicago.

Jackson finished up returning the pick to San Francisco’s 21-yard line and the Bears would score five plays later to take an insurmountable 19-10 lead.

Lance was at his worst in crunch time, going 4-for-13 for 41 yards and an interception in the fourth quarter. The upside for the 49ers is that Lance won’t need to play in weather such as this every week, however the downside is that when he doesn’t start improving soon, SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA may have a quarterback controversy on its hands prior to the end of the month.

Alright, let’s reach the grades for each game from Week 1. If you are searching for a deeper dive on the Bills‘ 31-10 make an impression on the Rams that has been played on Thursday, make sure to just click here.

Chicago 19-10 over SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA

New Orleans 27-26 over Atlanta

Indianapolis 20-20 tie (OT) with Houston

Baltimore 24-9 over N.Y. Jets

Washington 28-22 over Jacksonville

Pittsburgh 23-20 (OT) over Cincinnati

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Cleveland 26-24 over Carolina

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Philadelphia 38-35 over Detroit

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Miami 20-7 over New England

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Kansas City 44-21 over Arizona

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N.Y. Giants 21-20 over Tennessee

Minnesota 23-7 over Green Bay

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L.A. Chargers 24-19 over NEVADA

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Tampa Bay 19-3 over Dallas

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