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NFL’s Aqib Talib’s Brother Wanted After Youth Football Shooting

Ex-NFL Star Aqib Talib Brother Yaqub Wanted in Texas … Fatal Youth Football Shooting

8/14/2022 1: 11 PM PT


1: 38 PM PT — Lancaster PD just returned to us … Yaqub is wanted on a murder charge.

Former NFL star Aqib Talib‘s brother, Yaqub Talib, is really a wanted man in Texas — this after cops say he was involved with a fatal shooting at a youth football game this weekend.

The Lancaster Police Department fired off an announcement Sunday saying they were searching for Yaqub in link with the death of a grown-up male Saturday … who was simply shot and killed during a disagreement towards the end of a match that parents were angry about.

The person is reported to be a coach for just one of the teams … there is a name circulating online, but we’ll avoid ID’ing him at the moment before family and/or cops confirm. Regardless, he succumbed to his injuries … which police say was the result of a discharged firearm.

There’s video of the alleged shooting which eyewitnesses claim shows a guy grab the gun and fire. We’re told people in the crowd identified the person wearing all-black and a bucket hat as possibly being among the Talib brothers — but it’s hard to create out who this person is, or should they have a weapon at all. What’s depicted … a scuffle/apparent shooting.

Lancaster PD says they’ve identified the suspect in this instance as Yaqub, and note there’s a dynamic warrant for his arrest. It’s unclear what charge, exactly, they wanna bring him in on … however, many say this looks to be outright murder. We’ve reached out to LPD for clarification.

A former mugshot of Yaqub was mounted on the news release, and Lancaster is requesting every assist in finding him. BTW, Aqib was also there because of this tragic killing.

His attorney tells TMZ … “Aqib was present when this unfortunate incident occurred and is quite distraught and devastated over this terrible lack of life. He’d prefer to convey his condolences to the household of the victim also to everyone who witnessed this unfortunate tragedy.”

Aqib famously played for the Bucs, the Broncos (with whom he won a brilliant Bowl ring) and many other teams through the years. He had not been named in Lancaster PD’s release.

Originally Published — 1: 11 PM PT

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