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NFT Bira: MEET UP WITH THE NFT Beach Event In Indonesia

The exclusive NFT Bira Beach Event begins this week in Indonesia, also it looks incredible! Hosted by Mythical Beings and GaiaOne Project, the NFT event will need place in the stunning exotic South Sulawesi, Indonesia, between August 29th and September 3rd.

Image of NFT Bira location
NFT Bira is really a week long NFT beach event occurring in Indonesia.

The week-long event aims to produce a space for folks to meet up and create while exploring the continuing future of web3 tools, such as for example NFTs and crypto.

Several packages can be found, and you could take part in this incredible event for less than $450 (accommodation/not flights) with a few of the most influential people in the web3 world.

What’s NFT Bira?

Human wellness and community certainly are a strong focus of the other dressing up event, and you can find music shows, workshops, incredible speakers from the diverse web3 world, and many more.

Developed by Mythical Beings and the GaiaOne Project teams, the function also offers sponsorship from NFTEVENING, Coinstelegram, and Be[IN]Crypto.

Join an inclusive week-long NFT beach event

Basically, this week-long event is for everybody. Whether you’re concerned about environmentally friendly impact on the planet or desire to meet like-minded people in the web3 world and discuss the continuing future of web3, there’s something for everybody.

NFT Bira speakers list
NFT Bira includes a large choice of awesome speakers from over the web3 world.

The proceedings through the NFT Bira Week?

The workshops and speakers through the entire week will echo the events theme, concentrating on the total amount of humans and nature in today’s world and how Web3 might help the planet. A few of the notable events through the week include

  • Creators Economy Workshop Exploring how Web3 technologies such as for example NFTs, DAO, blockchain, and crypto could make the planet more sustainable.
  • Earth Restoration Project Immersive nature experience. Be a part of activities such as for example an introduction to coral restoration and marine life and the chance to go to beautiful coral nurseries in the ocean.
  • Mindfulness In The Metaverse Workshop Physical workshops with breathwork, yoga, meditation, and satsangs to explore yourself in the digital space.
  • GaiaOne Sounds For The Ocean Concert An enormous two-day music event featuring Rizcky de Keiser, Dvy, and Dasha Logan guest music.

Furthermore, you can find other activities through the entire week. It is possible to enjoy excellent meals, meet and greets, tattooing, free diving, meditation, and yacht building.

How exactly to be a part of NFT Bira

Getting involved in this week-long NFT beach event getaway is easy. All you have to to accomplish is choose the package you wish to purchase and subscribe. There are numerous NFT Bira packages available and charges for everyone. It is very important remember that these prices usually do not include flights.

Everyroomis immaculate and will be offering beautiful views of the beautiful country of Indonesia. Additionally, each package includes:

  • A week, six nights, and breakfast.
  • Airport Pick-up & Drop-off
  • Sounds For The Ocean Concert Ticket
  • 2 Adopted Corals
Image showing a man Lee Anderson and text
Be a part of some amazing workshops and events through the entire week!

The VIP packages have amazing utility!

Additionally, there are VIP sponsorship packages for NFT Bira at 1 ETH and 1.5 ETH. You obtain extra perks in the sponsorship deal: an invitation to a sponsors dinner, entrance to an exclusive concert and logo placement, and social media.

Significantly, the VIP packages enable you to conduct your own private & public workshop (to be aired digitally aswell).

Finally, this originalNFT Beach eventis currently live. NFT Bira is an excellent possibility to immerse yourself in a lovelyweb3 world surrounded naturally, and important members of the NFT space.

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