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NFT XFKTR Art Competition: Entries Are Open For NFT Artists Now!

If youre a talented artist, the NFT XFKTR Art Competition helps your artworks skyrocket to virtual success! This original contest can be your possiblity to expose your very best artworks to the Web3 communities. Digital artists, painters, CGI innovators, and also photographers are welcome to submit their creations. All finalists are certain to get digital perks and the winner will get a whopping $5,000 prize.

Dont learn how to create an NFT? Dont worry! The NFT XFKTR team handles all technical aspects when you promote your entry. All you need to accomplish is enter here to upload your artwork.

Knowing that, lets learn about this exciting opportunity!

digital poster of the NFT XFKTR art competition
NFT XFKTR can be an innovative art competition that supports emerging Web3 artists.

What’s the NFT XFKTR Art Competition?

In a nutshell, NFT XFKTR can be an NFT-powered art competition for emerging Web3 visual content creators. The contest welcomes all visual artists including traditional painters, photographers, illustrators, or mixed-media creators. You can find no rules with regards to design, style, or medium either. All you have to is passion, imagination, and the drive to win!

Quite simply, anyone can submit an entry to your competition by September 16th. Then, 100 participants will undoubtedly be selected to be a part of a particular NFT auction.

digital poster of the NFT XFKTR competition
Surprisingly, the winner of your competition will get a grand prize of $5,000!

Do you know the competition prizes?

Nine of the 100 artists can be finalists who must promote their entries via social media marketing. Each finalist will receive $1,000 to be able to boost their social media marketing posts. Only 1 of them may become the 2022 NFT XFKTR champion and cash the $5,000 prize!

Because you can have guessed from the name XFKTR, were searching for art thats exciting and unique, said NFT XFKTR Creative Director Nick McFarlane. Art collectors choose the artist, not only the art. And in this point in time, creators of most genres are exploding because theyre not afraid to place their workout there and create a following on social media marketing.

Seems exciting? If that’s the case, lets have a look at the three main stages of your competition.

digital poster for the NFT XFKTR competition
Out of all the entries submitted, 100 participants could have their artworks converted into NFTs.

How will the NFT XFKTR art competition unfold?

Accordingly, you will see three main phases of the contest the following:

1. Make the Mint

All you need to do to be able to join your competition would be to upload your artwork and personal stats to the official platform. After entries close on September 16th, judges will select 100 participants. Their artworks will undoubtedly be minted as NFTs for another stage:

2. The Art Auction

In this phase, the 100 NFT artworks proceed through an electronic auction via Mintbase. The very best 3 most successful market sales can be finalists. Furthermore, the NFT XFKTR judge panel will pick six other artworks to enter the ultimate stage. Remember: if your artwork sells, you retain the wages.

3. Promote your Vote

Each one of the 9 contest finalists will receive $1,000 to market their entries via social media marketing. The artist who receives probably the most votes will win the grand $5,000 prize and be the NFT XFKTR champion!

digital poster of the NFT XFKTR art competition
The competitions entries will close on September 16th.

Which artworks is it possible to submit?

As stated before, you can find no restrictions with regards to the creative process, mediums, style, or message of the entries. Therefore, participants may also submit artworks from their very own portfolios, be they old or new.

If youre feeling uninspired, though, the NFT XFKTR team shared some ideas:

  • Fearless Futurism We reside in a tech era undoubtedly dominated by modern machines, innovation, and computers. Take your inspiration from todays innovation to cross boundaries together with your art;
  • Visionary Vibrations Take your audience on an unforgettable journey to your inner self. Explore hidden thoughts and let emotions unfold through visual expression;
  • Zeltgeist Zoo Get your inspiration from the cultural variety all around us. Let your creativity run wild expressing your beliefs and opinions on hawaii of the planet.

To summarize, if youre a talented visual artist, that is your possiblity to showcase your art with a robust community of Web3 collectors, artists, and developers. Remember: entries close on September 16th, so ensure that you enter here to be able to submit your artwork. All the best!

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As always, make your personal research before making any type of investment.

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