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Nick Saban explains his a reaction to ‘horns down’ celebration

Seconds after surviving an upset scare against Texas last weekend, Alabama players wasted virtually no time showing off before a sea of burnt orange.

After decreasing Texas running back Bijon Robinson to cement Alabamas 20-19 victory, Crimson Tide linebacker Henry TooToo flashed the Longhorns symbol toward the bottom. Defensive back Malachi Moore soon followed suit as did several Alabama players.

The Crimson Tides sideline was feeling itself. That’s until it felt the wrath of its head coach. Upon seeing the horns down celebration, Nick Saban went off, tearing into his players for what he views as too little class.

Dont do this, sh##! the top coach said pointing toward Too Too and Moore while jogging out to shake the hand of Texas head coach and former Alabama coordinator Steve Sarkisian. Days following the online video went viral, Saban explained his emotions following a game during his weekly radio show.

I told our players, ‘We’re not achieving this, don’t take action, Saban said of the hand symbol It isn’t classy. We won’t need to degrade another team’s traditions. Just go play.’ THEREFORE I saw somebody carrying it out following the game, and I said, ‘Don’t do this… stuff.'”

For Saban, its a lot more than only a hand gesture. The top coach continued to state that your choice to flash the Horns Down symbol is another exemplory case of players doing something they know is wrong. Thats been a note hes been attempting to preach to his team over the board this year.

Everything time you imagine youre not doing the proper thing & most individuals who dont do the proper thing know its not the proper thing before they take action, they just take action anyway. So, dont do this stuff, Saban said. We have to have that as a motto. Maybe that will assist the discipline.

The post-game celebration wasn’t the only real insufficient discipline Saban saw from his team the other day. The top coach said his team had among its best-ever Monday practices during Texas week. However, after reading about how exactly much Alabama was well-liked by in the overall game, players’ focus levels started to drop.

We reach be 20-point favorites and everybody accumulates the paper and it’s really exactly like we arrive and win and things just sort of go downhill for all of those other week cause everybody thinks were just likely to arrive and win, Saban said. You cant believe that way. Youve surely got to have the ability to make your self do things once you dont feel just like doing them. In the event that you cant do this, youre most likely not going to achieve success because youre most likely not going to feel just like doing all of them enough time.

Alabama happens to be a 49.5 favorite for Saturday’s 3 p.m. CT matchup against Lousiana-Monroe inside Bryant-Denny Stadium. Fortunately for the Crimson Tide, Saban said his team is apparently a lot more prepared heading in to the matchup contrary to the Warhawks.

“They will have done better this week I believe,” Saban said. “There have been some lessons learned.”

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