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Nicki Minaj Addresses Claims She Owes Millions ToIRS

In accordance with The Shade Room, Nicki Minaj hopped on Instagram go on Monday (August 1) to handle a now-deleted account, Katemiller_7, where in fact the accountholder claimed to be her ex-assistant. The account donning a profile picture of journalist Megan Feldman Bettencourt uploaded over twenty posts concerning the rapper. Among the posts claimed that Minaj owes $173 million to the IRS.

I’ve your tax refunds from 2021. When are we gonna tell the Barbz youve owed the IRS 173 million since 2016?, Katemiller_7 questions in the post. Renting homes is definitely the head to for the Minaj residence. Katemiller_7 also wrote about her alleged time as Nickis assistant and how these were finally in a position to reveal most of Nickis secrets, even with signing an NDA.

I’m Onikas ex-assistant, who she fired for zero proof fraud with her bank-account, the accountholder continued. Im exposing all files I’ve from doing work for her. Combined with the voice messages she sent regarding a variety of people.

Nicki Minaj was noticeably sick and tired of the account when she took to Instagram Live to place the ordeal to rest, first addressing the IRS claims. Are you aware how much cash you would need to make to owe that much money to the IRS?, Nicki asked smugly. Because the IG live continued, the Freaky Girl rapper claimed that the Katemiller_7 account was an integral part of a ruse to get rid of her career.

That is another group of fans. Theyre going right through making use of their plot to take me down since they see that all of the lies theyve made so far haven’t worked, Minaj told her Barbz. Its people at this time thats paying entire staffs to determine to get rid of Nicki. I understand for an undeniable fact from actual individuals who work with labels.

As reported earlier, the Instagram account alleging the accusations has since been deleted.

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Nicki fired her assistant and the DRAMA -thread

Dont @ me no nonsense cause I wont respond cause Im not just a fan Im just watching the unfold

bra (@juicebox_bby) August 1, 2022

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