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Nicki Minaj To Sue Mystery Person For Defamation + The Barbz Help Her

Anyone who messes with the bull, gets the horns. Or in cases like this, case. Nicki Minaj is taking a person to court once they alleged that she could have used drugs.

Nicki Minaj


The origins of the oddly specific slight that resulted in Nicki to fire back Atticus Finch-style includeonline videos shared on Twitter that connect rappers Doechii and Cardi B who made references to cocaine use.

I simply sent it to my lawyer. Thx barbz. She wasnt part of the defamation suit however now she actually is. Mannnn I really like yall soooo much guys many thanks. Now go ask your fave should they wanna test their hair for cocaine aswell while Im at it. Bwahahahahahahahahaa WOO WEE!!!!!

Nicki Minaj (@NICKIMINAJ) September 12, 2022

In accordance with Nickis tweets, her fans sent folders & folders of evidence to her lawyer to aid her.

As the identity of her accuser still remains hidden, the founder of Hollywood Unlocked, Jason Lee shared on Twitter he is vunerable to case after also speaking negatively about Minaj.

Nickis tweets, around this point, haven’t explicitly named anyone.

It appears Nicki Minaj is collaborating with an increase of celebrities nowadays, and Alabama rapper Yung Bleu is next on the list.

The pair will to push out a new song this Friday called Love IN THE MANNER.

In anticipation of the song dropping, Nicki took to Instagram to talk about the singles cover art.

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