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Nintendo is reportedly investigating claims of sexual misconduct

Nintendo may respond quickly to allegations of sexual discrimination and harassment at its American division. A Kotaku source has reportedly shared a company-wide message from Nintendo of America President Doug Bowser revealing that the Switch creator is “actively investigating” the misconduct claims. The firm “will always” consider assertions like these and encourages workers to report violations, Bowser reportedly said.

We’ve asked Nintendo for comment. The business has previously reacted to incidents elsewhere in the market, however. In November, Bowser said the accusations behind the Activision Blizzard scandal were “distressing and disturbing.” Days later, Nintendo pledged to improve the amount of female managers.

Several female game testers told Kotaku that they’d faced multiple types of harassment and discrimination at Nintendo. Senior-ranking testers allegedly made unwanted advances and comments. Anti-LGBT remarks, pay gaps and attempts to suppress criticism were also section of the workplace culture, based on the allegations. Female workers are thought to be underrepresented at Nintendo all together (37 percent), and particularly among contract-based game testers (10 percent).

It’s too early to learn if any investigation will result in firings or reforms. If accurate, however, the scoop is really a reminder that misconduct complaints haven’t been limited by one developer. Activision Blizzard, Ubisoft among others have had to handle concerns aswell it could reflect cultural issues over the industry.

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