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Nintendo Switch Sports Datamine Uncovers A LOT OF Upcoming Costumes

Switch Sports: Cyberpunk?

Nintendo Switch Sports
Image: Nintendo

Nintendo just lately released a new update for Nintendo Switch Sports, bringing the overall game around version 1.2.0. As the update introduced some welcome additions including Leg Strap functionality for soccer and new moves for volleyball, it appears a lot of future goodies have already been hidden away in the backend, prepared to be unveiled officially at a later time.

We can not await that though, right? By way of a little bit of datamining, a complete of 13 additional costumes have already been discovered, all of which more likely to appear in the overall game in the coming weeks and months. Much like all costumes in the overall game, the brand new sets will without doubt be made designed for limited intervals in order to encourage users to help keep playing and unlock them.

Originally posted by Reddit user Feliipe_MA_ (thanks, VGC!), here’s your lifestyle at the brand new costumes:

We should admit, we’re rather partial to the Halloween and Cyber collections, though we’d be quite pleased to add every one of them into our collection!

In other news, it appears the most recent update in addition has added a choice to play against CPU Mii opponents with a sneaky little button code in the menu. Browse the below for more information:

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Which themed costume can you just like the look of all? Tell us your favourite in the comments below.

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