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Nip2: A spreadsheet-like GUI for the libvips image processing library

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nip2 is really a GUI for the libvips image processinglibrary. It is a little such as a spreadsheet:you develop a group of formula connecting your objects together, and on a changenip2 recalculates.



It is possible to probably install nip2 via your package manager. ForWindows and OS X, it is possible to download a binary from the nip2 releasespage. When you have to build fromsource, start to see the section below.


nip2 includes a 50-page manual — press F1 or Help / Contents in theprogram to see it.

Building nip2 from source

In the nip2 directory you need to just be in a position to do the most common:

./configuremakesudo make install

Automagically this can install files to /usr/local. Check the summary at theend of configure and be sure you have all the features you need.

In the event that you downloaded from GIT you will need:

first to create the configure system.

nip2 needs vips, gtk2 and libxml2 at runtime and flex/bison at compile time.When you have fftw3, gsl, goffice, libgvc you obtain extra features.


Rebuild snap with:

Though it’s done automatically on a push.

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