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No, Elden Ring And GTA V AREN’T On Game Pass (Yet)

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Earlier this week, some people checking Microsofts Cloud Gaming beta website noticed something weird: listings for games like Elden Ring and Grand Theft Auto V not merely said these were section of the companys Game Pass offering, but would also be playable on the cloud.

Heres a screengrab of Elden Rings page taken by @klobrille, clearly showing both GAME PASS badge and the truth that its playable on the Cloud Gaming beta:

Image for article titled No, Elden Ring And GTA V Are Not On Game Pass (Yet)

Listings for Grand Theft Auto V (which includes recently been on the service and left) and, weirdly, Soul Hackers revealed a similar thing, for the reason that none of the games had previously been available either on Game Pass or on Cloud Gaming, however now here these were. Even weirder may be the proven fact that none of these things had ever been announced, which youd think will be the case given the prominence of both Elden Ring and GTA V.

Theres grounds for that, needless to say, because Microsoft have since told Eurogamer that the listings were a bug. Were alert to a bug that incorrectly displayed some titles as available with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, a representative says. We rolled out a fix which is currently updated.

Normally this type of administrative, backend stuff wouldnt be that exciting, but what got people interested here’s that GamesCom is significantly less than fourteen days away, with Microsoft because of create a significant appearance (and a live presentation). And in June, Microsoft announced that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate users can play select titles they own via Cloud Gaming, even though they werent section of the Game Pass catalogue.

Put those a couple of things together also it seemed entirely plausible that Microsoft had simply jumped the gun on several GamesCom announcements. Calling these listings a bug certainly appears to put a dampener on that enthusiasm, but GamesCom begins on August 22 for those who want to monitor things anyway.

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