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Novel US Organizational App for Dating Provides Safety Features to safeguard 50 Million App Users

Novel US Organizational App for Dating Provides Safety Features to Protect 50 Million App Users

Boca Raton, FL, September 17, 2022 –(–In the united states, 21% of women and 9% of men say they feel unsafe when going on the first date. My Little Black Book really wants to minimize these safety concerns.

My Little Black Book includes a selection of safety features that try to make its users feel safer utilizing their favorite apps for dating. The foremost is a “safety check-in” system which allows users to send their location, who they’re on the date with, and just how long they are likely to maintain the date to a safety contact they added in to the MLBB app. Once the date has ended, an individual can “check” out again, updating their safety connection with their current location or the positioning that they’re planing a trip to next.

The Pew Research Center noted in 2020 that 30% folks adults use internet dating apps, but many users “particularly ladies report being harassed or sent explicit messages on these platforms.” An extra layer of protection is to use Incognito contact number.

This My Little Black Book in-app purchase supplies the user with a burner contact number so potential suitors can message and ring that rather than their actual contact number until they feel safe providing it. This enables the user the chance of keeping their personal life separate from their dating life without needing to change numbers if things fail.

For all those attempting to go even more, an in-app purchase allows users to vet potential dates using dating criminal background checks. These detailed checks are a few of the most in-depth criminal background checks available to the marketplace and try to eliminate catfishing and scam accounts from websites and in-app dating.

When coupled with a thrilling new future update the Panic Button feature, users could have touch button usage of alert trained safety personnel to measure the situation if things fail. The safety personnel are experienced to learn when to get hold of the police to make sure MLBB users’ safety. The Panic Button feature could have usage of 911 dispatch coast to coast and use location information supplied by the MLBB to dispatch police swiftly with their location.

UP TO NOW Safer, users will get the app free of charge exclusively on Google Play Store.

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