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Now you can chop the roof off your Delage D12 Hypercar

Fancy turning your 1,100bhp hybrid hypercar right into a roadster or perhaps a speedster? Delage gets the answer

Remember the Delage D12? No? Never to worry, were all obtaining a little hypercar fatigue nowadays. Whod have thought wed ever say that? Anyway, click these blue words for a complete recap.

Done that? Great, because Delage has announced that youll have the ability to convert your V12-engined hybrid hypercar right into a roadster, with the operation requiring significantly less than ten minutes for just two people. Sounds fiddly.

Theres more though, because once youve removed the fighter-jet type canopy from your own 1,100bhp, tandem two-seat coupe, after that you can add the smaller windscreen to produce a proper open-topped roadster, or it is possible to apparently put in a wind deflector, a protective halo and an extremely high-end helmet for the entire F1 car experience. Sounds bonkers, doesnt it?

Both solutions will definitely cost 190,000 together with your 2.3m price, or if you would like the choice of both Delage can do you a deal at 260,000. Bargain, right?

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