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NY declares Times Square a ‘gun free zone’ under new ban


Amid the bright lights and electronic billboards of New Yorks Times Square, city authorities are posting signs proclaiming the bustling crossroads a Gun Free Zone.

The sprawling Manhattan tourist attraction is among scores of sensitive places including parks, churches, and theaters which will be off-limits for guns under a sweeping new state law entering effect Thursday. The measure, passed following a U.S. Supreme Court decision in June expanded gun rights, also sets stringent standards for issuing concealed carry permits.

NY is among a half-dozen states that had key provisions of its gun laws invalidated by the high court due to a requirement of applicants to prove that they had proper cause for a permit. Gov. Kathy Hochul said Friday that she and her fellow Democrats in hawaii Legislature took action another week as the ruling destroyed the power for a governor in order to protect her citizens from individuals who carry concealed weapons anywhere they choose.

However, regulations has resulted in confusion and court challenges from gun owners who say it improperly limits their constitutional rights.

They appear to be designed less towards addressing gun violence and much more towards simply preventing folks from getting guns even though those individuals are law-abiding, upstanding citizens, who based on the Supreme Court have the rights to possess them, said Jonathan Corbett, a Brooklyn attorney and invite applicant who’s one of the people challenging regulations in court.

A federal judge allow new rules move forward Wednesday evening, hours before these were to take effect. Despite writing that the arguments for granting an initial injunction to avoid the guidelines were persuasive, Judge Glenn Suddaby said the plaintiffs an upstate NY resident and three gun rights organizations didnt have standing to create the legal action. Judge Suddaby said he found that decision partly as the man, a legal gun owner, couldnt demonstrate he was vulnerable to a credible risk of prosecution beneath the new guidelines, among other factors.

In a tweet, NY Attorney General Letitia James called the ruling a significant victory against baseless attacks by the gun lobby. Within an emailed statement, Erich Pratt, senior vice president of Gun Owners of America, among groups that filed the task, said Judge Suddabys opinion includes a silver lining for New Yorkers and the country, and said his group would continue steadily to fight clear violations of the next Amendment.

Beneath the law, applicants for a concealed carry permit will need to complete 16 hours of classroom training and two hours of live-fire exercises. Ordinary citizens will be prohibited from bringing guns to schools, churches, subways, theaters, and carnivals among other areas deemed sensitive by authorities.

Applicants will have to give a list of social media marketing accounts for days gone by three years within a character and conduct review. The necessity was added because shooters have sometimes dropped hints of violence online before they opened fire on people.

Sheriffs in a few upstate counties said the excess work with their investigators could increase existing backlogs in processing applications.

In Rochester, Monroe County Sheriff Todd Baxter said it currently takes two to four hours to execute a pistol permit background check up on a clean candidate. He estimated the brand new law will add a different one to three hours for every permit. The county has about 600 pending pistol permits.

Its likely to slow everything down just a little more, he said.

In the Mohawk Valley, Fulton County Sheriff Richard C. Giardino had questions on what the digital sleuthing would proceed.

It says 3 years worth of one’s social media. Weren’t likely to print out 3 years of social media marketing posts by everybody. In the event that you look within my Facebook, I distribute six or 10 things each day, said the sheriff, a former district attorney and judge.

The set of prohibited spaces to carry guns has drawn criticism from advocates who say its so extensive it’ll make it problematic for people who have permits to go about in public areas. People carrying a gun could get into private business only with permission, like a sign posted on the window.

Mr. Giardino has recently started offering signs to local businesses saying people can carry legal firearms on the premises. Jennifer Elson, who owns the Lets Twist Again Diner in Amsterdam, said she set up the sheriffs sign, alongside one of her very own reading partly per our governor, we need to post this nonsense. If you’re a law abiding citizen who obtained a legal permit to transport, you’re welcome here.

However in Times Square visited by about 50 million tourists annually and several less-crowded places, carrying a gun will undoubtedly be illegal starting Thursday.

NEW YORK Council Speaker Adrienne Adams said Tuesday she looked forward to seeing authorities proceed to protect New Yorkers and visitors who frequent Times Square.

The Supreme Court ruling also resulted in a flurry of legislation in California to tighten rules on gun ownership, including a fresh law which could hold gun dealers and manufacturers in charge of any harm due to anyone they will have reasonable cause to trust reaches substantial threat of utilizing a gun illegally.

Earlier this month, Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker signed into law a measure requiring gun permit applicants to endure personal interviews with a licensing authority.

NJ required visitors to get training before finding a permit, and would make new residents register guns they bring from out of state.

Hawaii, which includes the nations lowest amount of gun deaths, continues to be weighing its options. Because the Supreme Courts ruling, hawaii has only granted one new gun permit.

While NY doesnt keep statewide data on pistol permit applications, you can find reports of long lines at county clerks offices along with other proof a surge in applications prior to the law takes effect.

In the Mohawk Valley, Pine Tree Rifle Club President Paul Catucci said fascination with the clubs volunteer-run safety courses blew right up late come early july.

I had to show a huge selection of them away, he said.

This story was reported by The Associated Press. Maysoon Khan is really a corps member for the Associated Press/Report for America Statehouse News Initiative. Report for America is really a nonprofit national service program that places journalists in local newsrooms to report on under-covered issues. Hill and Khan contributed from Albany, NY. AP writer David Porter contributed from NY.

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